I USED TO BE DARKER, a deliberate and exquisite film from Baltimore's Matt Porterfield (putty Hill), deserves to snag some form of future life thanks to its well-built performances and exceptional diegetic song score. You'll hear about this one again. Xavier Dolan made his directorial debut in 2009 with I KILLED MY MOTHER, a slice of Quebecois family drama between a tempestupus mother and her high-maintenance gay son. Tied up in legal snafus for almost four years, it's finally getting a domestic release thanks to Kino Lorber. Expect to see it on video later this year. THE CUB was the find of the year in the shorts competition. Hopefully it will surface online somewhere and bring its creators justified fame and fortune. The Israeli drama OUT IN THE DARK is bleak and brutal, but deserves much respect for taking a synopsis that seems almost cliched at this point (two men, one Israeli, one Palestinian, fall in love and deal with society) and turning it out, with an intricate story and a masterfully-deployed wrenching sense of unease. This will probably turn up with some form of distribution, as it well deserves more attention.- Jason Shawhan