HERE COMES THE DEVIL (Ahi va el Diablo) was the shining jewel of this year's Graveyard Shift program, a nasty little story about demons, murder, sexual awakening, several kinds of horror that domestic offerings usually steer clear of, lots of blood, and a willingness to go for broke in terms of taking the audience to someplace uneasy and unexpected. Magnet Films has this for the U.S., so it'll be available on most VOD services later this summer. A documentary about Harris Glenn Milstead called I AM DIVINE inspired the most raucous response from audiences, with two packed screenings that served as combination flashy biography and queer consciousness-raising. A crowd-pleaser as well as a fascinating social document, this is a film you'll see in some fashion as the year progresses. Last, but certainly not least, is the Nashville-made WORM, a SciFi drama dealing with romance blooming amidst a particularly icky form of drug abuse. Never afraid to utilize its allegorical elements (or some masterful gore), Worm is something truly unique amongst recent Tennessee films, and it provides an interesting and shocking vision that could be taken, by the right distributor, straight into the cerebral cortex of the world.- Jason Shawhan