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The past several years have seen a number of hit songs cross the charts, introducing some of country's most beautiful female voices to a mainstream audience. So the fact that the Dixie Chicks, with their blend of pop culture, sex appeal and country-western sound are selling albums and tickets to "non-country fans" isn't really surprising. The fact that they've done it without sounding particularly pop is. 

Flying high with their recent Diamond Platinum status (10 million records), the Dixie Chicks claimed four more trophies at the 34th Annual CMA Awards this year, adding to their numerous ACM's, Grammy and Billboard Awards. In true Chick style, they thanked the association sincerely for the honor, and admitted; "Now we even thank our parents for making us practice." 

The Dixie Chicks, who have broken industry records and influenced wardrobe choices, have also brought a new, young audience to country music while pleasing core fans. 

Yet, how do you explain what makes them so outrageously successful? 

Why did the Chicks Cross the Road? Or, Your Roots Are Showing.

Could it be the unmistakable voice of lead singer Natalie Maines'? It is delightful, it is wrenching, it is emotive. but it is country - in an unmistakable "Patty Loveless" sort of way. 

Or is it that when the multi-talented sisters Emily Robison and Martie Seidel play the "heck" out of their instruments, there is no mistaking that during their musical education they spent years in the Bill Monroe School of Bluegrass? When Martie "rozens up her bow" or Emily switches effortlessly from banjo to Dobro, you realize they aren't strumming four chords on a guitar while the band plays - they are the band! It's a big compliment to them that the Torch Bearer of Traditional Bluegrass, Ricky Skaggs, has opened their show, and even played a gospel number to a crowd that includes young women dressed in hip huggers, halter tops, and glitter! / Issue 10 - September 2018
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