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Regaining the Power of Youth (1998) by Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D. is, in my opinion, the consummate authority on health and well-being. He began in 1968 to alert us of the importance of exercise and weight control for the maintenance of health. He has unique credentials, and his facility in Dallas, Texas is the model to emulate for all facets of health, with particular emphasis on exercise. Why hasn't he captured the public fancy? We're not sure but possibly his writing has too strong a medical flavor. 

He lists 10 bedrock principles worth repeating: #1. Engage in regular, moderate aerobic exercise. #2. Limit fat consumption. #3. Avoid obesity. #4. Consume folic acid daily. (It protects against birth defects and may help prevent coronary artery disease). #5. Eat fruits and vegetables. #6. Include fiber in your diet. #7. Stop bone loss through calcium intake. #8. Drink water. #9. Don't smoke. 

If you really want a comprehensive authoritative resource, this is it. However it is not light reading. All the rest of our trendsetters toss out hooks or messages to try to guide you into a method of doing the right things painlessly. Backtracking to correct mistakes and travel down a new road requires desire and work. Unfortunately, it is hard to do by yourself, particularly if you are overweight, so you might need verbal help or reminders. 

Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution 

Dr. Robert C. Atkins is king of the diet game. He has been at it for 30 years and is vehement and passionate in his commitment. We suspect he is / Issue 10 - September 3584
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