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FOSTERING: (1. Sharing or nurturing parental care though not related by blood or legal ties. 

(2. To promote the growth or development of 

Things To Do Today: 

    1. Pick up the laundry 2. Drop off the cat at vets 3. Phone the market 4. Feed the kids 5. Get ready for work 6. Time for fosters. 
We all have 24 hours each day. Beth Culbertson and Haley Backman of Nashville, TN are no different. 

Even though both have full time positions at Tennessee State University, they decided to add "FOSTERING" to their list of "things to do". Beth's job as a teacher at TSU allows her some flexibility between classes to care for the animals she and Haley foster through ACTs foster program. Haley, a coach at TSU, along with Beth and their two dogs have made regular family members of pups of all shapes, sizes and breeds. 24 to date have been in and out of their care since September 1999. / Issue 10 - September 2018
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