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It has come to our attention at DISH there along with the STUFF WE LIKE there are some products and trends out there that we definitely don’t partake in. Instead of helping make your life better, these products seem to only make things more complicated. Here is our list of items we can DEFINITELY do without.

Time Wasting Web sites

Whether you work at home or in an office, work time usually means quiet time. One thing that we all have been victim’s of in a supposedly quiet workspace is unintentionally clicking on a web site only for a loud automatic ad to pop up, playing the company’s commercials. While commercial is echoing with sound as loud as a Boeing 747, you are frantically searching for the close button and THERE IS NONE. You have to wait it out until it’s finally finished. Then you peak your head up out of your cubicle to look around, hoping no one heard it (knowing everyone in a mile radius did). Not only is it embarrassing to be caught in the trap of a booming web ad, it can be extremely annoying and hinder you from what you can to the site for in the first place. So, attention web advertisers: loud pop-up ads drive away customers, not attract them.

Furthering Fur Fashion

According to the annual Gallup poll (released on June 10, 2009) which asks Americans their opinions on the 15 “morally acceptable” social issues, they discovered Americans are finding it increasingly more acceptable to buy and wear clothing made of fur. Showing a sizeable increase of  7 percent from last year’s survey, proving that more people are opening up to the idea of buying and wearing fur fashions. The continuing popularity of fur on the runways supports Gallup poll results, as leading designers recognize that fur is a branding “must” for all luxury lines. However, most people don’t seem to understand the cruel treatment of the animals who provide the fur, such as being locked away in cages from infancy until they are slaughtered when they come of age. For more information go to

Pay To Prevent Your Privacy!

They are two applications we know of “Loopt” for iphone and Family Map for AT&T customers that play the spy game. “Loopt” is a location-aware social network app that displays a map with pins representing where your friends currently are. Both services allow you to locate and track any phone on your plan via GPS satellite or Cell Tower Triangulation which then posts the phone’s exact location on Microsoft Virtual Earth map. The phone being tracked is sent a text message to notify the phone owner when they are being tracked. However if you do not have text messaging how would you know? One good thing is if your phone is turned off you can not be tracked, but you can not use your phone either. Family Map from AT&TT is being promoted as a way to track your children to make sure they made it home safely or on time to soccer practice. Nevertheless many people believe that High School is when a teenager explores who they are as a person. Yes, sometime this may mean breaking some rules, but that's a learning experience that kids may actually benefit from. Also, don’t you think that some parents might obsessively start tracking their children, and their spouses? This application may look like a harmless and helpful tool, but spying can be a two edged sword.
Guns in Bars
As of July 14, Tennessee joins 37 other states that permit handguns to be taken into bars and restaurants. Restaurant owner still have the choice on whether or not they can permit guns on the premises, but the law that bans the consumption of alcohol while carrying a gun has been overturned. The law was lobbied by the National Rifle Association (NRA) and though vetoed by Governor Phil Bredesen, it was overturn by the Tennessee House and Senate. Many restaurant and bar owners feel the law is invited disaster into their establishments, and some, such as Tootsie’s Orchard Lounge, are setting up metal detectors at the door to prevent gun-carriers from coming in to their establishment. Proponents of the law feel guns in bars will prevent crime whereas most establishment owners seem to believe it will only increase violence. / Issue 101 - September 2018
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