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If you’re an animal lover, and a fan of big tough biker guys, you won’t want to miss National Geographic’s new series, Rescue Ink Unleashed. You might be a little scared though, especially if more than 1700 pounds of muscle and over 80 tattoos sound like trouble to you. If you are an animal abuser, watch out, as viewers will see in this in your face animal rescue show.

Most definitely not your typical animal rescue organization, Rescue Ink is a group of tough, tattooed motorcycle-riding activists from Brooklyn, who came together a few years ago because of their love for animals. Their goal is “zero tolerance to animal abuse when they confront it”.

If you don’t like us from the way we look, we can’t help that,” asserted the very large Rescue Ink leader, Joe Panz. “But if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem, so stay out of the way!”

“We met because we were all doing the same thing in our spare time: rescuing and finding homes for abandoned and abused animals,” added the even larger Big Ant. “None of us do it for money; we do it because we cannot stand by while anyone mistreats an animal!”

Rescue Ink, whose members include club bouncers, security guards, and a retired New York Police Department (NYPD) detective, make it clear that they will stop at nothing within the bounds of the law to protect animals at risk. They will even buy animals if that’s what it takes to get them away from abusers. They have a hotline for the public to call if they suspect animal abuse, find abandoned animals, or can no longer care for their pets.

Once they respond to a call, Rescue Ink works with local officials from the NYPD and Animal Care & Control of New York, as well as veterinarians and other rescue organizations to help animals in distress.

“What is so incredible about these guys is not their success rate,” said Kim Woodard, executive producer of the documentary series. “Not only do they take on cases that no other group does, but they actually go and address animal abusers and educate them about what they should be doing differently. Because of their street smarts and backgrounds, they are able to talk to these guys in a way that really makes a difference. And so the people that they are talking to change their ways and are happy to share their stories, thus illustrating they are going to be doing something differently.”

“We love the work done by some of the local shelters, but they cannot possibly keep pace with the volume of problems that need to be addressed,” explained Big Ant. Among Rescue Ink special programs are The Puppy Mill Consumer Awareness Program, Companion Outreach Services, where they bring animal companions to residents of nursing homes, assisted living and veteran’s facilities and The Animal Housing Workshop to build dog and cat houses for animals in need.

Their first book, also titled Rescue Ink, will be released by Viking Press on September 21, 2009

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Don’t miss Rescue Ink Unleashed on the National Geographic Channel beginning Friday, September 25 at 10 et/pt! / Issue 103 - September 2018
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