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Drew Barrymore, Beyonce

Leggings are everywhere this fall, seen on the girl-next-door and some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. Whether in simple black or outlandish prints, leggings can merely keeping your legs warm in the cool autumn air or they can make the biggest fall fashion statement possible. 


Lily Allen, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, the entire female cast of Gossip Girl, Jennifer Aniston, Sienna Miller, Miley Cyrus, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Hudson, Kate Beckinsale, Heidi Klum and Victoria Beckham are a few members of the diverse group of celebrities putting their best leg forward in a pair of fashion leggings. Singer Beyoncé bought a pair of gold liquid leggings for $24,000, straight off the runway of a Nicholas Ghesquière fashion show. 


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan loves the leggings trend so much that she started her own design venture with business partners Kerry Fitzmaurice and Kristi Kaylor. The line, titled “6126” after the birth date of actress Marilyn Monroe, features a variety of lace, liquid, and fabric leggings in various styles, costing anywhere from $66 -130. Lohan’s leggings are available at the company website, and in Fred Segal stores.


Another popular legging line among celebrities is “Kova & T”, a join venture by Dasha Zhukova and her friend Christina Tang. Kova & T fans, such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, enjoy everything the line has to offer from black lace to electric blue to zip up latex. Leggings from Kova & T run between $60 -140. 


Of course, not everyone has an extra hundred bucks lying around to spend on leggings, which is why more and more stores are adding their own unique lines to attract fashion savvy buyers who want to spend a little less than designer prices.


“American Apparel” offers its own style of leggings. Bright Lycra dance leggings in various pinks and yellows are available along with two-toned leggings, African prints, two sided leggings, thermal and harem prints all make the American Apparel legging line stand out. All items in the line run between $30 -50. 

Urban Outfitters


One of the widest selection in leggings styles can be found at “Urban Outfitters”. Patterns ranging from acid wash, graffiti and animal prints, peacock feathers, polka dots, floral shout-outs to ‘70s couches, mesh, fringe, Amazonian patterns and ancient Japanese geisha prints are just some of what is available, and they make a fashion statement all their own. Items in the Urban Outfitters line costs anywhere from $7 -88, and be sure to shop online because many of the styles are not available in stores. 


“Forever 21” has a few creative legging patterns of its own. From polka dots to cheetah prints, from paisley to lace to sheer mesh, the store has a wide variety of individual styles made exponential by the many different colors they are available in. Forever 21 also carries some of your basic plain leggings, most of which go to ankle or knee length. $4 -20 dollars, depending on length, style, patterns, and colors.



If you’re willing to ship from across the pond, British boutique “Top Shop” has an amazing collection of leggings. Sequins, skulls, clouds, bones, and the Union Jack are just some of the patterns this UK outfitter has to offer. Ranging from $24 -70 in American dollars, Top Shop leggings may take a while to ship but will definitely set you apart from everyone else.


We Love Color

“” is an online footwear boutique offering any type of legging imaginable. From flirty fishnets to prim and proper laces, We Love Colors has everything. Their splash metallic tights have bits of glittery metal to accessorize any hardcore look, while the various splash color tights in a variety of tie-dye styles adds color to any hippie outfit. Zebra print, checkerboard patterned, zigzag, diamond weaves, striped, and just plain tights come in a variety of colors ranging from eye-catching neons to pretty purples, cool blues, and groovy greens. The best part of We Love Colors is definitely the price, with basic leggings starting at $8 per pair with prices only going up to $14.50 plus shipping and handling. / Issue 103 - September 2018
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