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In the Season 5 finale of Medium, Allison is in a panic when she dreams she is visited by a man on the one year anniversary of her entire family being killed. She’s soon on a case where she meets the man she dreamed about, DEA agent Daniel Munos. Can you imagine anything worse than being haunted in your sleep?

MediumFor real-life psychic Allison Dubois, played by Patricia Arquette on the show, hauntings are a common experience, as are visions of a sometimes deadly future, on some occasions for herself, her family or complete strangers. Apart from unwanted nighttime visitations, Allison also works for the DA’s office, using her psychic abilities to help solve crimes, which can also lead to up-close experiences with the dead.

Although Allison’s visitations have not changed, lots of other things have, including the seemingly sudden switch after 5 years moving from NBC to CBS. Arquette explains the uncertainty, “Yeah, I mean, I always thought it would make sense for us to be at CBS.  And I always thought there was great programming that would make sense for us to pair up with. So I was always hoping that would be a possibility, but at one point I thought -- I'd been told unofficially we were getting picked up.  I was about to buy a house. Then I got told we got dropped, I was unemployed.  It was like, "You're hired, you're fired, you're hired."

“Well, a couple times I heard rumors,” explains actor Jake Weber, who plays Allison’s husband Joe. One of my friends, who works on Brothers & Sisters, sent me an email saying, ‘The pickup of 'Medium' is one of my favorite soap operas on television right now.’"

It’s been 5 years since we’ve met the Dubois family, Allison, a law student with psychic powers who works in the DA’s office, Joe, her aerospace engineer husband, and their three daughters, Marie (Miranda Carabello), Ariel (Sofia Vassilieva, who recently made a huge splash in My Sister’s Keeper), and Bridgette (Maria Lark). Through the years, we’ve gotten to know them quite well, both agonizing and celebrating as the family grows closer, Allison’s powers grow stronger, and the girls get older.  In the last season, Allison’s daughters are also beginning to develop their own psychic abilities.

Dish ran into Arquette and her screen daughters at a CBS party in Pasadena. We sat with them for a while, and it was clear that the mutual affection displayed on the show is quite real. “These girls came into the world thinking their own way and have very strong personalities” Arquette told Dish. They know what they think and they know how they feel. One thing I think is really right about our show is that we all have no problem communicating. It’s real and in the moment, and I really appreciate working with you guys.”

When asked if they have taught her anything, she added, “They teach me about purity and honesty, and about life.”

Medium “No, actually, it's a huge part of the show, and it's wonderful that you pick up on that, Glenn Gordon Caron explains.  And you know, it's funny, when you cast children, it's a big blind date. You're hoping that they fulfill this promise that you see in them as actors. So we've got a bounty of stories to tell about that whole process, about growing up. So we do incorporate aspects of what the kids are really going through. Like all of a sudden when Maria Lark, Bridgette's character, got her loose teeth, it was like, "She's got a loose tooth. Write it in quick." So there's stuff like that with the kids.”  

There’s a lot of stuff with the marriage too, as it’s not every man who suddenly discovers his wife is psychic.

Weber explains, “Obviously, at least especially in the first season, he had to be sort of very reactionary and a foil, and he took his time figuring out how much of his wife he wanted to believe, and how that relationship has grown and how Joe's been able to sort of set out on his own a little.”

He continues, “She has a gift/affliction that cannot be denied. And Joe navigates the storms of their relationship and her work and their family life as best he can with love and forbearance and, sometimes impatience and frustration.  But there is in it, his evolution as a husband. Perhaps his horizons have expanded somewhat.”
“As a man of science, it was probably hard for him to get his head around this concept that his wife sees dead people. But, you know, he's a man and has a career in his own right and exists as an independent force in the family. But he is there for his wife as
best he can be.”

Dish asked Arquette if she ever wished she really had psychic powers?

“People say to me how do you know that or when did you learn that, and I tell them I just know things. I'm psychic! She explains, “I think we all have our own instincts. I’ve never had a dream as to where I could find a body or solve a crime but I know there are people out there, and they do exist. I think we all have instincts and thoughts and psychic experiences. But I don't know why some people can read energy that's left behind, energy that's happened. I do feel like everyone can communicate with the dead to some extent, just maybe not a two-way conversation.”
Medium’s Season 5 ended with a cliffhanger- Allison is in a panic when she dreams that she is visited by a man on the one year anniversary of her entire family being killed. She’s soon on a case where she meets DEA agent Daniel Munos, the man she dreamed about. As Allison’s dreams continue, she gets a clearer picture of exactly what is happening and who is responsible. When she collapses at work, she is rushed to the hospital where she learns some rather startling news.
Glenn Gordon Caron explains, “It was sort of me being a wiseguy, frankly, and really trying to stack the deck in such a way. And for what it's worth, I mean, NBC was complicitous. We don't make the shows in secret. I said, ‘This is what I'm going to do. She's going to have a brain tumor. She's going to go into a coma.  And we're going to put up a sign that says, 'To be continued.' And they said, ‘Great.’  So…”

He continues, “Well, obviously, we pick up with Allison's coma and sort of -- I guess I can let the cat out of the bag. She comes out of the coma. (Laughing) And she's on a different network.  It's the damnedest thing.”

In case you’re wondering what Season 6 will bring, Caron offers some fascinating hints.
Medium“In terms of mysteries, in terms of those sorts of things, I'll tell you about one thing we're doing. We have a show that's supposed to play the night before Halloween. So this year we've actually gotten the rights to the original Night of the Living Dead. And we're going to insert Patricia into it. It's going to be sort of the landscape of her dreams during that particular episode. That's one of the things that we have going on.

Arquette comments, “It's like you find these jewels after school, really at a weird time, in the hot California sun, watching this weird movie. So it's really exciting to be in it. Also, I started out in horror films, A Nightmare on Elm Street  3.  So I love a good monster movie. Here I am in a monster show.  I'm the monster, but it's exciting.’  

Kelsey Grammer, who happens to be the executive producer of Medium, told Dish on another occasiont, “When they [CBS] said in their press release that Medium could be a nice offspring of Ghost Whisperer, I thought that was sort of disingenuous and misrepresentative in -- certainly at the least.”

But, quite ironically, that has come to pass. CBS has situated Medium on Fridays at 9, immediately following Ghost Whisperer.

Patricia Arquette adds, Ghost Whisperer is a really good show. Who wouldn't want to follow them?  And Numb3rs is also a very, very well-done show. So it's nice to be part of a night of entertainment that clearly works for people.”

"Déjà Vu All Over Again" - Allison and her family deal with the outcome of her brain surgery and its possible lasting effects on the season premiere of MEDIUM, Friday, Sept. 25 (9 pm, et/pt) on CBS. / Issue 105 - September 6824
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