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by Joshua Jeffries

The Allman Brothers Band is back or still here, but either way they are putting on a show not to be missed at the Beacon Theatre in New York. Actually they are doing 15 shows that should not be missed, with special guests so special nobody knows who they are, but we doubt anybody no matter how famous would turn down ABB when asked to play with them. 

This year is the 40th year of the Allman Brothers Band and is starting out to be one of the best. Shows for the Beacon start on May 10th and run until March 28th. As of this writing, tickets are still available, and run from $60 to $160. But if you don’t find yourself in New York City, or have trouble finding tickets, Butch Trucks, a founding member and drummer of ABB has solved your problem with Moogis. 

Trucks started Moogis after a failed attempt at starting a record label. His ambition to start Moogis has always been to bring the awe and excitement that you see at a live show into the homes of those that can’t be there. The technology took longer to come together than the project but finally it’s all happening like it should. Moogis will be broadcasting all 15 Beacon Theatre shows live and you can watch all of them whenever you want through September 30th 2009 for less then the price of a front row seat ($125). 

With the Beacon dates quickly selling out, Moogis ensures that you won't miss a single mind-blowing solo or the onstage action. Moogis subscribers will have a virtual front-row seat for all the dancing in the aisles, radiant light displays, and organic, explosive musical interplay at this landmark musical event.

The Allman Brothers Band's shows at the Beacon are set to make rock music history. It won't be long before Moogis becomes synonymous with the Internet's best source for live performances.

Check it out at For more about the legendary band, go to / Issue 105 - September 2018
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