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No woman's wardrobe is complete without that perfect little black dress, you know, the one that makes you feel sexy and makes you look even sexier, but what about those perfect jeans…oh yeah, they don’t exist, at least not in your size.

Well, a new company called indiDenim takes away your excuses for not having the perfect fitting pair of jeans, since you can customize them with 19 different pre-made styles perfect for your size or you can choose complete control with 4 different cuts, up to 14 colors on some cuts, 4 different rises, zip or button, 7 leg styles, 5 hem cuts, 9 pocket shapes and 37 styles of pocket design plus 9 additional fine touch details to really make your jeans ‘YOUR’ jeans. I think it’s  fair to say that if indiDenim can’t make your perfect jeans, they just might not exist.
This premium jeans line launched in December, 2007 with two styles each for both women and men. The woman's jeans include Presidio, SoMa, slimmer through the hip and thigh and Noe, that's more relaxed. Edie Jacquez, indi's head of product development explains, "indi allows our customers to customize the styles we offer to build their perfect jean. You could spend days shopping for a jean in a style, rise, leg and wash right for you or you can create yours in minutes at" In early 2008, indi expanded its selection, introducing a trouser jean for women and a low rise jean for men. In 2009 indi again expanded its line to include sizes 0 – 32.
indiDenim has taken the guess work out of buying jeans with their state of the art fitting guide, or if you live near Emeryville, CA you can get scanned for the best measurement ever. The company has partnered with Intellifit, which has designed the next great leap forward for shopping…a virtual fitting room. You stand there, fully clothed while a computer scans your body with radio waves, giving you an accurate measurement of yourself. That scan then gives you the measurements for your perfect jeans. indi wants you to wear something both designed by you and made just for you!
The best news is that indiDenim jeans start at a mere $145 and $155 and will be on your door step about 6 weeks from the day you order. If they don’t fit for some reason, or you need to change a measurement, just send them back and indi will replace your jeans at no cost to you. Wow!

And brand new to indi the unveiling of new visualization features and social sharing technologies for both websites.  With indiDenim and indiTailored offering consumers an unmatched customized apparel solution and design community we celebrate the launch of their latest features, and just for this month any shopper who posts a design to the indiDenim Design Vault will be entered into a custom jean giveaway.

Highlights of the new features include: the Shirt and Jean Builders that enable customers to visualize their product being built in real-time as they design it; the Design Vault where shoppers can post designs and create their own designer identity, as well as browse, search, rate, comment on and buy products designed by other customers; Social Network Integration that allows the sharing of designs via Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site; and the Digital Closet, which stores a customer’s order history, including the customer’s perfect fit pattern, for easy re-ordering.

Check it out at

And for you guys (we know you’re out there!), check out for gorgeous custom-made shirts. / Issue 106 - September 2018
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