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So, it’s summer, and Father's Day is right around the corner. The stores are decked out in red, pink and all things bright, and the smell of roses is in the air.  When you're shopping for Father's Day for your significant other,  it's always a challenge to find just the right thing- especially one you haven't given him before.


But women don’t have it this easy. We men are pretty difficult to shop for. That is why we have asked men for their opinions on just what it is they would really like from their wives on this manly holiday, not a wimpy tie or a dozen golf balls. Leave that for the children!  And what they said will definitely surprise you (or not)….


A Bottle of Fine Liquor liquor

Women know what it means to have a rough day. So, too, do men. And after a rough day, we like to come home and fix ourselves a stiff drink. Just like dad used to do. It could be a glass of aged Scotch—or two-fingers of dark, Jamaican rum. Either way, it takes the edge off and makes us feel like men. We can also add the bottle to our cache and impress our friends when they come over for a game or a dinner party. It’s a win-win gift. Some of our favorites include Ron Zacapa 23 year old rum ($40) ( and Johnny Walker Blue ($150) (  

 J Zee Jacket

Movie Star Inspired Accessories

Every man has a certain piece of clothing that gives him attitude and makes him feel on top of the world. Note James Bond’s tuxedo or Tom Cruise’s Ray Bans in Risky Business. What makes it even better is when his woman buys it for him because he knows she likes it on him. Give him a cause to be a rebel with the jacket made infamous by James Dean ( ($295). Or race motorbikes like Steve McQueen in On Any Sunday with the Persol 0649’s ($360).  


Fighter Pilot for a DayPilot for a day offers men a chance to take control of the cockpit of a Marchetti SF260 with combat-tested pilots teaching them the basics of flying. Guests fly the planes 90% of the time and there are plenty of locations around the country (32 in all), so you don’t have to fly anywhere in order to fly. ($1,395/day). Sexy for him


Buy Yourself Something

Sexy to Wear for Us 

Boy-shorts, thongs, lingerie, a Catholic school girl outfit. If it’s a fantasy we have, it’s an item of clothing you NEED to have. Of course, Victoria’s Secret is Mecca in this department, but be creative. We’re down for whatever… except granny panties.


Carman ElectraSurprise Us with
an Exotic Dance

We guys have heard through the grapevine that Carmen Electra has a series of DVD’s ( to teach women pole dancing, chair dancing, and whatever else you can manipulate your body with and upon. We also know that dance studios have classes for this, too. Think Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies (minus the rumors of hermaphrodism) Yeah, we might not know how to ballroom dance,  nor have any desire to learn how to, but maybe we just need a little persuasion. Grab a chair.


Do a Maxim Photo-ShootMaxxum

…and give us the pictures.  There are companies like Nearly Naughty Photography ( that provide intimate, romantic, and tasteful photos of you for a certain someone’s eyes only. They will provide professional make-up and a full-female staff for your comfort. Choose between individual photos or a calendar that will even include your birthday and your anniversary (so he CAN’T FORGET).  


Rent us our Dream Car for a DayAuto

Every guy has a car that he dreams of owning—but probably never will. Why not let him drive it for the day, though? Prestige Luxury Auto Rentals ( has models from all of his fantasy companies-  Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin. Prices vary. A Porsche 911 goes for $495/day, while a Ferrari F430 Spyder will set you back $1,795/day. But what’s it worth when you look like a million bucks?

 Peyton Manning

Tickets to a Sporting Event

Most girls aren’t into football or baseball, that’s why if you get us tickets to the Red Sox (as low as $12 for nosebleeds) or the Colts (as low as $44), we’ll love it. Because we know you don’t really want to be there, but are because you love us. Add to that the fact that you look hot in a ball cap and jeans, and it’s a dream date. Throw in a beer or two and you might be able to convince us to watch Sex and the City later. Maybe. No guarantees.


A Weekend GetawayGetaway

Let’s get out of the city, or go to the city. Let’s just get away from the normal. Maybe far away, or close by. Maybe in a five-star hotel, or one of those kinky ones with the champagne glass hot tubs.  How about New Orleans? What a perfect place to be—the French Quarter and the beautiful neighborhoods of St. Charles Ave., always swelled with revelry. It’s love and a ton of fun. And we don’t even have to throw beads to see some…


Make Us Dinner and Sexy Dinner

a Sexy Dessert 

Maybe pick up two filet mignon steaks or order two lobsters from Maine ( Covering your naked self in sushi isn’t such a bad idea, either (thank you Sex and the City). Follow it all up with a great dessert—like bringing Cold Stone Creamery to the kitchen. Top a sundae with Godiva Chocolate liqueur ($25) while breaking into the box of Godiva Chocolate-covered strawberries we got you. Bon appetite. Bon amour. / Issue 108 - September 2018
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