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Artist in the Office

How To Creatively Thrive And Survive
Seven Days A Week

By Summer Pierre

$13.95 Berkley Publishing 


How often have you bemoaned the fact that you have to work a 9-5 job? If you’re an artist of any kind, I would venture to guess your answer would be “Every day!” To that end, fellow artist and musician, Summer Pierce, has written an entertaining book THE ARTIST IN THE OFFICE which can help you “creatively thrive and survive seven days a week” even if only five of them are at work.


While most of us are slogging along at our day jobs, trying to carve out time for our “real lives” we are perhaps missing out on the many opportunities to be our snappy, creative selves while we’re there. After all, William Carlos Williams, the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winning author, was a doctor in his work-a-day life. But in between delivering over 3,000 babies he found time to scribble poems on prescription pads and influence an entire generation of beat writers. Author Charles Bukowski was a postal worker and painter Georgia O’Keefe was a teacher for much of her life. Just reading about these examples of artists-who-work will make you say “I can do it!”


Peppered throughout this hand-drawn and funny book are pages where Ms. Pierre asks you to “Try This”, such as “List all the ways you are already living your ideal life.” The author then lists a few examples of her own and leaves you room to write yours. And in other “Try This” segments she suggests listing all the things you enjoy about your job and asks you to list the things you could do to further your creative life that would only take 10-15 minutes. 


At the very least, this inspirational book will lead you down paths of thought you hadn’t stumbled on before, turning an artist-who-works into a working-artist while letting you have a little fun along the way. 



I'm Still Standing

From Captive U.S. Soldier To Free Citizen -
My Journey Home

By Shoshana Johnson with M.L Doyle

$23.99 Simon and Schuster


By anyone’s standards, Shoshana Johnson is a hero. However, this former U.S. soldier, who was the first female captured during the Iraq war, sees herself as someone who was just doing her duty and happened to survive. In her new memoir I’M STILL STANDING, she tells the story of her capture and final release in riveting detail.


Johnson’s vivid description of the battle and the brave men and women who fought alongside her takes the reader into her nightmare as she describes taking cover beneath the twisted metal that had been her truck. Finally, she was pulled by her bullet-torn legs out into the street by enemy forces and she and four of her fellow brigade members were then taken into captivity and held in various locations for 22 days by Iraqi insurgents who seemed, at times, to be as confused as the prisoners themselves.


When the five were finally rescued and sent home, the ensuing blast of incessant media attention was almost as difficult for Ms. Johnson to endure as her captivity had been. It took her five years and a still-reigning battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder before she was able to come forward with this memoir. With the help of M.L Doyle, also a U.S soldier, Shana, as her family calls her, reveals not only her journey from captive soldier to freed citizen but also expounds upon her views of a misaligned war and the politicians who took us there. 



The Artist's Way Every Day

A Year Of Creative Living

By Julia Cameron

$14.95 Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin


I have been a huge fan of Julia Cameron’s work since I first delved into The Artist’s Way over a decade ago. Since then she has continued to create a series of inspirational books, the latest of which is THE ARTIST’S WAY EVERY DAY, a wonderful collection of meditations and daily inspiration.


The bedrock of Ms. Cameron’s work as a teacher and creative spirit is a tool she calls “morning pages”. Simply put, one writes three stream-of-consciousness pages each morning upon awakening as a kind of daily meditation. This practice aids in the unblocking of the subconscious from which all our creativity flows, opening us up to the world of inner thoughts and helping to illuminate any fears that may be holding us back in our daily lives


A great addition to any collection of meditation and inspirational materials, Ms. Cameron’s new offering is sure to guide you in a new direction, whether you’re beginning the practice of writing morning pages or even if you’re already a daily practitioner.


To view a session with the author titled “the Artist’s Way Creativity and Faith” go to the following link:



Celebrating Mom

Share, Remember, Cherish

By Jim McCann

$9.99 Andrews McNeel Publishing, LLC


When was the last time you took a little time out to remember the things that make your mother special to you? You don’t necessarily have to wait for Mother’s day to roll around again to do so. But perhaps you need a little help articulating your feelings; if that’s the case then look no further than CELEBRATING MOM a compact little tome that’s filled with great quotes and stories.


Author Jim McCann, founder of the world’s foremost floral and gift company, 1-800-FLOWERS and author of three previous books, began collecting inspirational messages from customers and visitors to his website and compiled them in this small yet power-packed book. Quotes from notables like Mother Teresa, “In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.” to everyday folks, “An ounce of Mother is worth a pound of clergy.” will entertain and surprise you.


Page after page of things that may help you voice the sentiments you would like to express to your own mother as well as accounts of wisdom from real moms makes this an ideal gift for all the women in your life. / Issue 108 - September 2018
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