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ChocoVine Dessert Wine

Wine and chocolate? Mixed together? Yes, please. Dekuyper has blended French Cabernet with dark chocolate to make something so exquisite it has to be tried to be believed. It was voted a top dessert wine by in 2009. It uses antioxidant-rich dark chocolate, so you can claim you’re drinking for your health!  ($15) 


Eliminate Waste: Green Printing

So you’ve found that recipe you need and its time to print; but wait, the thing you need is half a paragraph and yet 3 pages print out, including 12 ads, and a page with nothing on it but a web address. Well, Green Print is here to prevent your wasteful ways, by highlighting and removing unnecessary pages from your documents. They claim that over the course of a year you can save $100’s on ink and paper. It comes in 2 versions, “Home” ($29) and “World”, which is free, but you’ll have to put up with ads for other green products and vendors.


Yummy Peace Tea

I can’t think of anything we don’t love about the Peace Tea. It’s tasty, simple, and cheap (99 pennies for a 23oz. bottle.) Its only ingredients are tea and sugar, and it contains no artificial flavors, preservatives or artificial colors. With fun Bohemian- themed artwork on the label and only 50 calories, it looks as good on the outside as you’ll feel on the inside.  


Poken: Your Social Business Card

The latest Japanese card game? The hot new video game? Nope, it’s the latest in business networking. Poken is small, cute, and looks strikingly like something you might find in the pockets of middle schoolers, but this USB-size high-fouring figure is the future. Just touch your Poken to another person’s and you’ll instantly exchange information, including LinkedIn accounts, Facebook, email and whatever. Then plug the devise into your computer, log onto your Poken Universe account, and instantly you’re updated with everyone you came into contact with. No more trying to remember what business card went with what face. ($19.99-34.95)  


Happy Light

Someday you’ll work your way up to that sweet corner office with the great view of the sunset, but until then you can steal some rays with the Happy Light. This little piece of genius sits on your desk and emulates the Sun’s bright rays. It helps you feel more alert and have more energy throughout your windowless day. ($89.95-189.95) 


Yummy YoCrunch 100 

Breyer’s YoCrunch 100 Calorie packs make it easy to enjoy a tasty, healthy snack without worrying about the calories, thanks to Nonfat yogurt and a blend of sugar and natural zero-calorie Truvia™ sweetener. Delicious! ($2.99)


Rock-It Portable Speakers

OrigAudio, makers of award winning portable speakers, have a great new addition to their line, the Rock-It Speaker System. The Rock-It pod - a mere two inches in diameter - simply affixes to any object with a reusable tactile pad, turning anything within reach – a cup, lampshade, cardboard box and more - into a speaker! Ideal for the traveler, Rock-It puts music where you want it. Compatible with any device with a headphone jack and powered by two AAA batteries or the included USB cable. ($49.99)  



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