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Some time ago, Garth Brooks announced that he would spend a private year with his children, then come back, announce his plans for the future, and serve up an enormous celebration to thank all those that helped him along the way. Well, Garth has kept his word, and at the same time celebrated the sale of his 100 millionth album, making him the top selling solo musical artist of our century. At this point, he stated, that to him, "it's no longer about numbers."

After ten years on the road, he's calling it quits. At his recent 100 Million Party at the massive Gaylord Entertainment Center, an arena sized venue in Nashville, Brooks announced his official retirement. "I don't know right now what exactly our future will be, but my goal is to solely be a father," he told his 1100 closest friends. Martina McBride,Trisha Yearwood, and Steve Wariner were among the artists celebrating in the Arena turned elegant ballroom. Baseball buddies Wally Joyner, Larry Walker, and Wade Boggs also attended the black tie affair. On the stage was an impressive array of his many #1 records, and people who attended are still talking about the monumental flower arrangements that helped transform an arena into a ballroom.

Apparently, Garth is planning to be a very busy retired father because he also announced that he'll be releasing a new album within the next year and doing six or seven concerts that will be taped as a television special, to promote that album. Brooks also expressed interest in recording a duet album with Trisha Yearwood (which she has claimed will never happen) and to make another album as his rock star alter ego Chris Gaines. "No matter how long from this day forward you do not hear from me, if Paramount calls for The Lamb soundtrack, I will step forth with all the pride in the world and do my best to do the Chris Gaines soundtrack for them."

Capital plans to re-release Garth's first six albums, with an additional track on each, that haven't been available for over two years. "It's not ultimate (his retirement)," Brooks admitted. Still, he'll have considerably more time to spend on his farm with his three children. As for his marriage with wife Sandy, Garth explained "Sandy and I agree that we need to divorce, but it will be on our timetable, we'll decide."

Not afraid to openly laugh or cry, Garth concluded,"Today is a good day, but tomorrow, I wake up clean." / Issue 11 - September 2018
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