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With Twilight a box office bombshell once again, Christian Serratos (who plays Angela in the movie) has seized the opportunity her newfound fame has offered her to share her strong feelings against wearing fur. As the latest spokewoman for the cause, she is appearing “naked” in the latest PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) campaign. Other beauties who have appeared in the 30-year-old campaign include Nia Long, Joanna Krupa, Eva Mendes and Karina Smirnoff, with all agreeing “I’d rather go naked than wear fur.” 

Fuax Fur, Peta


Christian had a few requests for Twilight’s producers, and we understand why PETA picked her. “This time around I felt more comfortable letting the team know that when I was dressed as Angela, I and Angela would prefer to be dressed animal cruelty free and they obliged. They were awesome! I'm so thankful that they went out of their way to find items that did not have animal products in them. It was touching.” 


She continued, “Wearing fur is NOT sexy or cool. Taking a stance and being your own person is the coolest/sexiest thing you can do. I think fur belongs on the animal, your pet. Take notice. Take part. Don't allow the slaughter.”


PETA works hard to help people see the horrible animal cruelty that creating a fur coat causes. Images of what happens to these poor animals would be too gruesome to even show in these pages. And once you’ve been enlightened, the sight of a woman wearing a fur coat that once would have caused envy, now creates disgust.


Faux Fur, PETA

It’s understandable that people needed to keep themselves protected from the elements. Even as recently as 100 years ago, fur was more of a necessity than a luxury. But with the recent advances in modern synthetic fabrics, fur is no longer needed. Recently, we heard a rumor that even Santa’s suit is now made of synthetic fur, and he’s snug as a bug, even in the North Pole.


So how can you justify the price? Not only for the animals, but the cost for the coat. With real fur coats costing an average of $2900 – 4900 and up, synthetic seems like the most logical choice for both reasons. Although in Dish’s research into this matter, we did find a website featuring the top 10 reasons to buy real fur; it’s fashionable, it’s biodegradable, it can be worn all year long, it’s responsible conservation and it supports Canada’s fur trading heritage. Not very convincing, I’d say.


Surprisingly, recent studies have shown that even fur labeled as faux, and stores that say all their fur is fake could be misleading you because they themselves have been. According to regulations, any fur contained in clothing, or any item valued less than $150 does not need to acknowledge fur content on the tag. One might think that real fur would be too expensive to use on inexpensive garments, but its not. Fur from what’s known as a Raccoon Dog, (yes, it’s a dog), is the most commonly used fur to line hoods and necks on jackets because it’s cheaper than synthetic fur. Just because it doesn’t say fur, doesn’t mean its fur free. 

Faux Fur, PETARemember, the most beautiful fur will always be worn by the animal that it belongs to, not the person that buys it! 


So if you like the look of fur but hate the fact that it’s fur, Dish has a few suggestions for you:


Matt and Nat -  If you’re looking for some fine leather goods that are not leather but actually Vegan, check out Matt and Nat. These guys have turned the art of imitating leather into a science! They have even gone so far as to line the insides of their purses with recycled plastic from water bottles, and each purse comes with a tag telling you how many bottles you saved from the landfill. is another place you might want to check out, but don’t stop at their clothing. They cover the gamet of animal-free products from shoes to shirts to snacks and cleaning alternatives. 


Donna Salyers Fabulous Furs – This fabulous store has been on the faux fur kick for 2 decades and it’s the top of the heap when it comes to quality faux work. They have an extensive list of celebrity clients, and you will get treated just like them! So for the best in faux this is the place for you. 

For more information about PETA, go to / Issue 116 - September 3994
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