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Seventeen years before Neo and friends jacked into The Matrix, Jeff Bridges was zapped into the world of 1982’s Tron. The milestone movie was one of the first to use computers for special effects, and introduced a whole new side of computing to a world where the devices were merely the expensive toys of nerdy hobbyists. 

tron compilation with blueRumors of a sequel have swirled since 1999. Now, fans of neon everywhere can rejoice. This December marks the return of the techno-tale with Tron: Legacy.  After a mere 28-year-hiatus - longer than the 26 year-old stars, Garrett John Hedlunds and Olivia Wilde, have even been alive – the new movie follows Sam Flynn (Hedlunds) as he is drawn into the glowing world his father created. Like his father, Kevin Flynn, who disappeared after the events of Tron, the younger Flynn will compete with evil computer programs in cyber-chic combat.

Jeff Bridges both reprises his role as Kevin Flynn, the original protagonist of Tron, and plays Kevin’s evil program alter-ego Clu 2.0. The older Kevin Flynn has been trapped in his virtual world for 20 years, leaving the young Sam to grow up an orphan. Viewers not wowed by the high-tech pyrotechnics will surely be surprised when Flynn’s evil doppelganger appears. The 61 year-old Bridge’s grizzled mug is replaced with a startlingly realistic, 27-year-younger face. Using old pictures and a full-facial scan, they were able to dial back the clock for Bridges.

tron compilation in orangeFans of the original can also expect stunning updates to the “lightcycle” and disc-throwing sequences, with brand-new aerial action sequences.

The movie co-stars a cyber’ed-up Olivia Wilde as the warrior-vixen program “Quorra,” who is Kevin Flynn’s friend and confident. Michael Sheen wears the white bouffant of the flamboyant villain “Castor” while French electronica duo Daft Punk portray MP3 DJ’s at Castor’s nightclub. They also pumped out the beats for the movie’s real-world soundtrack.

tron to daft punk / Issue 117 - September 2018
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