A Baby (Rocco) A Wife (Madonna) A New Film (Snatch) Guy Ritchie: Up Close & Personal
By: Robin Flans

Sex! Love! Wealth! Beauty! A Valentine Look at 8 Celebrity Couples We Love to Watch!

Julia Roberts & Benjamin Bratt
By: Sandra Schulman

Faith Hill & Tim McGraw
By: Marie Michaels

Paul McCartney & Heather Mills
By: Sandra Schulman

Bill & Melinda Gates
By: Yvonne Aldrich

Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick
By: B.A. Williams

Kate Hudson & Chris Robinson
By: Sandra Schulman

David Bowie & Iman
By: Sandra Schulman

Carson Daly & Tara Reid
By: Sandra Schulman

Hannibal The Cannibal Meets A Julienne Moore
By: Yvonne Aldrich

And That's Not All, Folks! The stars come out for Supersoap Weekend!
By: Paula Ghergia

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