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The French manufacturer of RU 486, (to be sold under the name Mifeprex), was frightened about releasing this pill into the United States, because of the political climate.

People who have an ultra-right political orientation have plenty to fear from RU 486. This pill promises to change women's lives, and will rival the oral contraceptive as a point of controversial discussion. Much of the fear and hysteria that surrounded the introduction of the birth control pill was a shrouded argument against women having control over their bodies and sexuality. RU 486 promises to give even greater freedom and control --- or does it? 

First a little background... RU 486 is a drug whose primary action is to block the action of progesterone. Progesterone is a hormone. Its history is most interesting. Near the end of the last century, scientists discovered that if you removed the ovary of some pregnant animals, they would go into labor and deliver or abort 2-3 days later. This observation was refined to show that you didn't have to remove the whole ovary, but only a little gland that formed on the ovary at the site where the egg or ovum was released. This gland is called the corpus luteum, or yellow body. George Corner and Willard Allen took hundreds of these little glands and squeezed out the juices. From this liquid they isolated a substance that they called progestin. It was given this name because when they injected the extract / Issue 12 - September 2018
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