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WHAT A DIFFERENCE FROM WHEN I FIRST CAME TO LAS VEGAS..AT 19 AND driving in with the Golddigger's conductor Bill Lockwood. Seeing the LIGHTS FROM!! THEN going into rehearsal the next morning, and opening LATER THAT NIGHT before a crowd of 2,500. THE MGM GRAND WAS TO BE MY HOME FOR MANY YEARS, AND I WOULD BE HONORED TO WORK WITH A TRUE LAS VEGAS AND HOLLYWOOD LEGEND: Dean Martin.

IF YOU'VE EVER SEEN THE MOVIE "CASINO" THEN YOU CAN REMEMBER WITH ME THE LAS VEGAS I KNEW INTIMATELY. I mean high heels and bikinis at the pool..fabulous gowns and glamorous nights out. Frank Sinatra, Sammy, Jerry Lewis, Paul Anka, Wayne was wonderful to WORK WITH SUCH GREAT ENTERTAINERS with a full orchestra. How I cherish those days and that special ride.. Las Vegas as it was then.

BUT TODAY'S VEGAS IS A TOTALLY new world. A special world beyond anything I have seen in my's new.. it's cutting's competitive. It's alive... THEY HAVE A DISNEYLAND MONORAIL GOING BETWEEN BALLY'S AND THE MGM GRAND. WHILE CHECKING OUT my old stomping grounds..MGM/Bally's, the Celebrity showroom where I performed WITH DEAN MARTIN is no longer .... there is a mall that runs through the old showroom that attaches to the NEWLY OPENED PARIS RESORT. The shops that were once downstairs have now BEEN UPDATED AND SPRINKLED WITH CASINO ACTION.

EVERYTHING IS CALCULATED TO CREATE RESULTS. RETURNS ON INVESTMENT. PARIS IS A BEAUTIFUL RESORT with the Eiffel Tower RUNNING RIGHT THROUGH IT....and MANY of the restaurants are out in the open like french bistros while the slot machines and tables are all under a dome which is painted Blue with clouds.. a feeling like it is dusk...the energy in this place is very much alive and feels like an outdoor city come to life.. / Issue 12 - September 1628
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