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It’s a very good thing to be William & Kate--or at least it seems to be. But the next best would have to be playing the glamorous couple in Lifetime’s upcoming biopic William & Kate. Two young newcomers to Hollywood, British actress Camilla Luddington and New Zealander Nico Evers-Swindell snagged the highly coveted roles, and are now poised for instant stardom when the film airs just days before the actual Royal wedding. Dish had the chance to speak with Camilla about her life, her role, and Miss Middleton; and we were enchanted by the British- born 23-year-old’s charm, humor and forthrightness. In other words: the perfect Kate!

Where did you grow up?royal coat of arms of the united kingdom
I grew up in Berkshire in England, which is the same principality that Kate is from. I grew up in a very small little town about 40 minutes outside of London and I had just a very normal upbringing. I lived about 15 minutes from Windsor Castle. I was there last Christmas and we had heavy, heavy snow in England. It was just so picturesque.

I did know some of the Eton boys where William went to school. But I never got to meet William, sadly enough. I’ve never ever seen William. I’ve never seen Henry [who is more commonly referred to as Harry] either. They definitely run in more aristocratic circles than I do.

From the age of 5 I always wanted to act. I watched Les Miserables when I was that young and I loved it, and I was obsessed with the Wizard of Oz and Annie and I knew all the words to every song. I was interested in getting an agent from 12-years-old and started taking acting lessons from a very early age and getting involved in theater from probably 10-years-old. My first role was Alice in Alice in Wonderland. I was a little blonder and I played a little blonde Alice.

What did you think about the Royals when you were young?
As kids we would dress up in Stewart and Tudor outfits and take school trips, to Hampton Court and London dungeons and all these unusual places. England has this great gory history and, horror movie fan me, I was fascinated by all that stuff, the beheadings and how people were tortured. I was really proud of all of our history because it goes really far back and we have some fantastic stories.

What do you think about the Royal Family now?william harry and charles around the table lifetime
I’ve always found them very fascinating and to me they’re part of my life in strange ways. Even watching the Queen’s speech is a tradition on Christmas day for us when we sit down for Christmas dinner.

How do you feel about Kate?
One thing I definitely love about Kate Middleton, I love that she’s not an aristocrat. She’s just a beautiful, youthful, normal girl that the prince fell in love with! I think Britain is embracing Kate because she gives the Royal Family a breath of fresh air that some people might feel the Royal Family needs.

Do you think the Royal Family needs a breath of fresh air?
I think that Harry and William do a great job of having fun and being youthful with it, but I think it’s exciting to see a girl come into the Royal Family. I don’t think people are looking for the next Diana, but I think they’re looking for the next princess, and I think that is something that’s great, that she’s now a part of.

william and kate at bar lifetimeDo you worry that there could be echoes of Diana and Prince Charles?
I think that’s a little different situation. I know that Diana was 19 when she got married, and Kate is a 29-year-old woman. She and William have been together a very long time and they’ve had their break-ups and make-ups. I really get the sense that she is a very confident and self-assured woman, and she probably knows what she wants. To undertake what she’s undertaking, she would have to be really sure about it. I don’t think that she would have said ‘yes’ or pursued the relationship if she wasn’t ready for what it entailed. I have faith that they’ll be great together.

Will the Royal life be hard on Kate, do you think?william and kate hunting lifetime
I think that it’s a very intimidating situation and I think there’s enormous pressure because you suddenly become a public figure and it’s like you become public property.

I remember there were scenes in our movie where Kate reads about herself in the papers and she’s not shown in a good light, and she feels misunderstood.  I remember thinking in those early days the press was getting things wrong. So in that way I was able to imagine what it was like to be in the papers and see yourself and feel vulnerable about it.

When I got the role, suddenly I was in a lot of newspapers in England, announcing it and comparing Kate and myself. I had never had that experience before and I had never imagined that for myself necessarily. For most actresses you just think about getting a job and doing a good job and you don’t think about the press or fame around it.  

Even Nico and I - when we booked the roles we had a table read and as we were walking out there was paparazzi there. They were in your face and they want these pictures... it was this uncomfortable feeling, so we were disturbed by that even. It felt like this bizarre deja vu of suddenly being a public figure. I think that really did help me with the role, too. By no means did I want to be out there, it just happened. In the same way, I think Kate just fell in love; she didn’t want fame, it just happened.

kate on the runway lifetimeDid being British help you get the part?
Growing up in England, the tabloids and newspapers are constantly feeding you information about the Royals, so you feel like you know a lot about them without even researching anything. I remember the fashion show that Kate did and seeing those pictures [fyi: the dress she’s referring to just sold at auction for $124,884], and hearing about their kiss and all that stuff. I always felt like I was familiar with them. And just growing up in that area, I kind of feel like I have a sense of the world in which Kate was brought up and what their culture is. I felt like I was a good pick for the role because I already have that background. I think that it definitely helped.

There were actually 3 weeks of auditions, and then they told me that it was just down to me. The final step was I had a “chemistry read” with Nico, which I think is one of the most awkward auditions you can have, because at that point you know it’s just based on chemistry and that’s not something you can force in any way. You’re just sort of praying that you have some sort of great thing going on in the room that makes people say, ‘Yeah, they’re going to work together on screen.’ And we had that; we just clicked instantly.

Tell us more about your William, your co-star Nico Evers-Swindell?
This film was so fun to make, and Nico was so fun to make it with. And that makes a huge difference, too. I sort of dreaded that I would have to work with an actor that I didn’t get along with, because then you’re having to do so much more work to make those scenes authentic.

charles and william lifetimeWell, I have to commend you for realizing that. I think a lot of actresses don’t. Now tell me about Nico. Is he single?
Nico is actually engaged. He just got engaged at Christmas. To an actress named Megan. I don’t know her last name but she’s from the States.

That’s awesome. To who? Well, I probably shouldn’t put that in the story because it will depress half of the American women watching the movie.
I know! I know! I think all the time, ‘He’s so adorable.’ There was a scene that we were doing and he’s welcoming people at a big banquet they’re having. He was in this fantastic suit with all these medals on, and I said, ‘God, you look exactly like Prince Charming from Cinderella, and there’s going to be a thousand girls who will just see you and fall in love with you.’ So I’m sure him being taken will upset many girls.

So did he inspire you in some ways?

You know, he was on his game by the time we got to the set, so he just inspired me to play. And I think that’s important as actors. He was so open to doing that in scenes, sort of seeing where things could go. And the directors and writers were great about working with us, like sometimes I would say, ‘You know what? This kind of doesn’t work. I don’t think Kate would feel this way.’ And they would listen to us. He inspired me to speak up when I felt I needed to about something that didn’t feel right.

Did you find it oddly romantic to be with Nico in a situation that is so romantic?
I have to say, and you’ll laugh about this, but I’ve never been proposed to! So there’s something about a guy getting down on one knee in front of you with a ring that I think you can’t help but get butterflies about. So I really did find myself getting taken aback by the scene, even though I knew it was coming all day. There was no surprise. We got very close filming and we ended up having a great friendship. And I think it really, really helped with our chemistry and finding places to work from. We only had a month to shoot--15, 16 hour days; so it helped keep our energy up to have fun with it.

And did you believe the character that he played is really like William?
I can’t say for sure because a lot of what we do in the film is giving heart and story to what is going on behind the tabloids. So I don’t think I really know how William really is in a relationship. I think where Nico took it is very interesting, and I think from what I’ve seen of William that he really does love her and that he does come from a warm place. And Diana is his mother and she probably gave him a great sense of compassion. But I like that he made William human. And I think that’s where you really can’t help but fall in love with him.

coat of arms of william of walesWell, how many women actually find their prince?
I don’t know! I hope that everyone will eventually, even if they have to kiss a few frogs along the way before they do.

Are you flying in for the wedding?
Actually I wasn’t going to. But now I believe Lifetime is flying Nico and I across to England the week of the wedding, to do some press for the film. So fingers crossed - I will be there.

Oh my gosh, can you imagine how awesome that would be?!
I know! I know! To be there during that time--that’s a fantastic experience to have. And I think that the memories of being in London during that week will be amazing.

How do you think Kate & William will react to the film?
I hope that if Kate and William do watch it they will have fun with it and find it entertaining. I hope that they like it; we portrayed them in a really great light and covered parts of their story people don’t really know about.  I think they would find it pretty entertaining.

Are there other ways you are similar to Kate?
I believe she was driven by passion and love probably means everything to her. In order to be with this important person she’s putting herself in a situation that some people might not be able to handle, and find extremely intimidating. For me, I’m a huge romantic and I feel like at the end of the day, love is probably the biggest thing and the most important thing to me personally.

I also want to find my
prince charming. I have a boyfriend right now named Jason, who’s a musician. We’ve been dating awhile, 3 ½ years actually.

What would you say to William and Kate if you had the chance to meet them?

I would say ‘I have so many questions to ask you - please give me an answer.’ With the film what we had to do is fill in the blanks. We had to basically take what we knew and work with what had and imagine what may have happened. I would love to know what did happen for sure behind those tabloid stories, what made them break up, and what happened when they got back together. I would love to talk to Kate about how she deals with the press. I haven’t one time seen her show that she’s upset in any way when nasty things have been said about her. That’s a great quality to have.

What else?
If I could talk to Kate now I would ask her what wedding dress she is going to pick. I hear the tradition is long sleeves. Kate has an absolute rocking body and I would love to see her wear something a little more form fitting than a big princess ball gown. But I have a feeling she’ll go with the ball gown.

Did you ever wish that you were a princess?
Oh my gosh, of course. And for me, I would dress up as a princess as a kid all the time. I feel like everyone wants to have that, a fairy tale ending in their own world, to feel like a princess in their own world.

Would you wear a crown?


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