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Blonde woman with yellow eye shadowFall Fashion Season 2011 has begun now that the top designers have turned out their collections. Dior and Louis Vuitton seem to be on the same page, and have produced stunning collections that have a distinct feminine 50s/60s look. We know what to expect to turn up in our closets, but what’s going to turn up on our bathroom counters and in our make-up bags? To go with the waist-belted dresses and ethereal, flowing garments, a trend has popped up: This season is all about EYES. That means an absolute minimum of foundation (if any at all), forget blush completely, and tone down those lips to a natural colored gloss or pale pink lipstick. You’ve gotta make room for bright, show-stopping eye make-up.

Not only are the colors supposed to be vibrant, but also the actual styling. Soft pastels that cover the entire lid, using multiple different colors in “splits” as opposed to simply layering (bring on the rainbow!), and of course the ever popular smokey eye are dominating the make up fashion scene.

Woman looking down with red eye shadowThe thing is, any fashionista knows that makeup isn’t cheap; and if she’s on tight budget, what’s a girl to do? She doesn’t want bland eyes! Well, thankfully you don’t have to spend a bundle at M.A.C. or Sephora to get those super shades of subtle lilac, vibrant green, sensuous coral, seductive gray, and eye-popping mustard yellow; you can turn to the well-known names of Covergirl, L’Oreal, and Maybelline. And THEY won’t break your monthly budget. Sure, some may consider them the “over-the-counter” brands of the make-up world, but here’s a little secret: they apply, stay on, and stand out just as well as the more expensive names. Each of these brands sell individual color palettes as well as multi-color kits that can make your eyes shine as bright as the professionally done models from the fashion shows. Plus, you can mix and match with any of the brands. If you’re still not sold, though, check out your closest Ulta Beauty store, where a professional makeup artist can assist you in finding the best colors for the best deal.

Black woman looking down with green eye shadowTake a few moments and find those coupons in your Sunday paper, too. They’ll save you a dollar where you need it most. Your pocketbook. / Issue 124 - September 2018
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