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Summer. The favorite time of year for blushing brides to don their white gowns of crisp chiffon, whispering satin, lace, and… TOILET PAPER? That’s right. One-ply, two-ply, Charmin, Angel Soft: if it’s a bathroom tissue, you can make a wedding dress out of it.

Every year, hosts a contest that invites women to create their dream wedding dress out of toilet paper. The contest rules state that you can use toilet paper, tape, spray adhesives, and even sew a little, but the majority of the dress must be made out of that handy dandy white cleaner that comes on a roll.

This year, they hosted the 7th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest and the winners were announced earlier this month. The winner was Susan Brennan of Orchard Lake, MI. She took home a $1000 prize for her intricate rose appliquéd dress that had feathers attached in tasteful contrast the delicate garment. She used four rolls of toilet paper in the entire dress.

The second place winner was Laura Lee from Milpitas, CA. Her frillier dress used five rolls of toilet paper, transparent duct tape and spray adhesive. She even made an adorable fascinator to finish off her look. The time and effort won her the $500 prize.

In third place was Cynthia Richards from Marietta, GA. Her dress used 8 rolls of toilet paper and the amount of work that went into to making the blooming flowers that liberally cover the lower half and train is astounding. Her 8 year-old daughter even helped with the creation process. She took home the $250 prize.

Cheap-Chic’s website provides tips for how to have a fabulous wedding with all of the bells and whistles without destroying your bank account. This contest is a way to promote the idea of gorgeous weddings on the cheap to inexpensive. While they don’t recommend actually walking down the aisle in a dress made out of toilet paper (unless you REALLY want to), it does provide excited brides with other means and ideas for the happiest day of their life.

If you want to enter the contest next year, check out their website at for all the rules, regulations, and entering process. / Issue 125 - September 7759
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