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Something is happening this Sunday... what was it? Ah, yes, Superbowl XIV something or other will be enthralling people from coast to coast.

But what if the game is a boring, one-sided slaughter? Or what if -gasp- you’re not much of a football fan?

Thankfully, there are still hundreds of other channels willing to welcome your eyeballs.
Here are our picks for the top other shows to watch, and drown out the shouting from next door.

Puppy Bowl XIII on Animal Planet
Take puppies, drop them onto a miniature gridiron, add toys, a ref, and market heavily. That’s the strangely successful recipe behind this two-hour, puppy-powered imitation of the Superbowl.
2. Cupcake Wars on the Food Network
All the competition of the Super Bowl, but with baked goods!

3. Greatest Songs of the ‘00s on VH1
These songs are old enough to be cool in an ironic way, but recent enough that you can actually sing along.

4. Titanic on HBOe
Watch Leo steal someone else’s girlfriend on a boat in this timeless tear-jerker. Also, Celine Dion.

5. Big Fish on Cinemax
Although this free-wheeling tall tale debuted to minor success, it has since built quite a cult following. Here’s your chance to find out why.

6. Hitch on TBS.
“What’s Will Smith doing these days?” That’s the question you’ll be thinking during this movie about a guy who helps other people get “hitched”, but is unlucky in love himself.

And last but definitely not least, Sex and the City marathon on E!
I can’t think of a better antidote to football boredom than these girls. / Issue 131 - September 2018
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