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April 15th marks 100 years since the "unsinkable" Titanic sank, and 15 years since a shivering Kate Winslett let a frosted Leo sink to his watery grave, and National Geographic is marking both occasions with a whole week of Titanic programming. At the same time, James Cameron has been hard at work re-imagining his classic Titanic blockbuster in 3D. Checkout the small screen, and the big screen versions of the infamous tragedy at the times listed below!

Please note all photographs courtesy of the National Geographic Channel & Paramount Pictures. For more information about the two-night Titanic event series go to For more about Titanic 3D, check out

100th Anniversary Titanic Specials - Beginning Sunday, April 8th on Nat Geo 

The director of 1997’s Titanic looks to close the book on the final mysteries surrounding the ship’s sinking, bringing together experts from many fields to find a final explanation to the century old tragedy.

Bob Ballard was the man who actually found the ruins of the Titanic in 1985. In this special he travels to Ireland to meet with some of the few surviving workers that constructed the doomed behemoth. The show will focus on the dangers faced by the ship’s wreckage today, from looters and other changes.

The two-night Titanic event series follows Titanic filmmaker James Cameron and Dr. Robert Ballard who painstakingly recreate the glamor of some of Titanics most beautiful sections, using the same 100-year old techniques and craftsmanship.

(By the way, DO NOT MISS the upcoming re-release of TITANIC , one of the most beloved, awarded and heralded movies of all time, but this time it will be in 3D. Look for it in theatres on April 4th, 2012)


Titanic in the Beginning.

Titanic construction 1908

Workers on site

Workers on site.

Titanic at Southhampton port.

Titanic departing from Southhampton port.

Titanic departing.

Tragedy Strikes

News hit New York newspapers.

Titanic sinking illustration.

The Final Word.
Titanic resting place with James Cameron.

Bow of wrecked RMS Titanic, 2004.

Bow of wrecked RMS Titanic, 2004.

Titanic with James Cameron.

Titanic the Legend.

Titanic departing, Titanic 3D.

Titanic at sea, Titanic 3D.

Titanic on deck, Titanic 3D.

Titanic lifeboats, Titanic 3D.

Leo and Kate, Titanic 3D.

Titanic sinking, Titanic 3D.

 Titanic last moments, Titanic 3D. / Issue 133 - September 2018
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