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By Tabatha Coffey with Richard Buskin
$14.99 It Books

You’ve seen her on Bravo’s Tabitha’s Salon Takeover and on the red carpet at The Academy Awards critiquing the hairstyles of the rich and famous. Or you may have caught her act on Make Me A Supermodel, The Tyra Banks Show or acting as a consultant on The Biggest Loser. But wherever you’ve seen her, nothing can compare to hearing Tabitha Coffey tell her own story in her new memoir, IT’S NOT REALLY ABOUT THE HAIR, now out in paperback.

Growing up in Adelaide, Australia, where her parents owned several strip clubs, Coffey’s childhood was nothing less than colorful. Not only did she associate with drag queens and mobsters on a regular basis, but this lifestyle was framed by her father’s raging alcoholism and the ultimate destruction of her parent’s rocky marriage. As a result, Coffey’s strong sense of self became the very thing that defined her. At age 15, Coffey quit school (earning her diploma at night) and began working for free at a local hair salon. Deciding this was the life for her, she then became a “Saturday girl” at another salon, and quickly moved up to a full-time position.Coffey ultimately landed in America where she was tapped for Bravos’ reality show, Shear Genius. Her bitchy attitude and no-nonsense approach to life quickly garnered her top ratings and in 2007, Bravo offered the stylist her own reality show Tabitha’s Salon Takeover which marked her meteoric rise to fame.

Ms. Coffey’s memoir is not only a fascinating read but this book has more to offer than just the facts of her life. Rather, what you’ll find here is nothing short of a crash-course in life lessons including her take on what it really means to be a BITCH (Brave, Intelligent, Tenacious, Creative and Honest) and why embracing the truth about yourself can be the most transformational thing you can do. Peppered throughout the narrative the author shares her advice in brief encapsulations that feature headings such as “The Three Second Rule” wherein she shares her method for not jumping the emotional gun in the heat of the moment, “The Five Things To Ask Yourself Before Opening A Business” and “How To Survive A Shitstorm”.

Coffey is nothing if not brutally honest here and her insights make for a wonderful blueprint that will truly inspire anyone with a fire in their belly and a dream in their heart.

How To Create A Natural Diet and Lifestyle For Your Child

By Barbara Rodriguez with Eve Adamson
$16.00 Da Capo Press

Organic. Natural. Healthy. These are words to live by, especially if you’re raising a family. But all too often, the demands on our lives seem to leave little room for creating a healthy lifestyle. Where will I find the time to shop and cook every meal, you ask?  Well, what if you had help? Then, just reach for a copy of the new book by celebrity nanny, Barbara Rodriguez, THE ORGANIC NANNY’S GUIDE TO RAISING HEALTHY KIDS.

Ms. Rodriguez has worked as a nanny for over 20 years, helping families find a new lease on life with L.O.V.E. which means adapting a Local, Organic, Vegetable-Centric, Environmentally conscious way of living. This goes not just for food, but for cleaning products, natural remedies and learning to live with an “attitude of gratitude” every single day.

In a step-by-step process you will learn just what to eliminate from your daily diet such as sugar, trans-fats and white flour and how to replace these things with healthier choices which include naturally sweetened foods and whole grains. Although these changes may seem daunting at first, have no fear; Rodriguez’s warm, approachable style will make you feel as though she is right beside you, guiding you through your metamorphosis, every step of the way.

Bursting with tips on how to make the transition from toxic to terrific, this marvelous little tome includes stories which highlight the author’s vast knowledge and experience as an Organic Nanny, as well as healthy home-remedies, great gardening tips and fabulous recipes. Learn how to prepare some of your kid’s favorite dishes like Homemade French Fries and Pizza with good-for-them ingredients that will not only help wean them off the unhealthy stuff but will keep them coming back for more of the good stuff. In addition, changing the way your children eat can have a huge impact on their behavioral problems, sleep issues and common illnesses.

Not only will this incredible book change the way you look at the health of your children, but it will also transform the way you look at your own health. And in the end, what could be better than that?


By Jennifer Chiaverini
$15.00 Plume

From best-selling author Jennifer Chiaverini comes the latest installment in her Elm Creek Quilts series THE UNION QUILTERS, a story of love and devotion during a time of war, and the challenges which threaten to alter the very fiber of a tight-knit community.  

It’s 1862 in Water’s Ford, Pennsylvania and President Lincoln’s call to arms is being answered by every able-bodied man in the Elm Creek Valley. Of course, the women of this small farming community have no choice but to rally behind their husbands, brothers and sweethearts. Dorothea Granger, wife of Thomas, stands as a model of strength as she organizes her sewing circle to make quilts, warm socks and scarves to send to their men who are fighting with the 
Pennsylvania 49th.  And although she and her friends also spend their days collecting food stuffs and other necessities to send to the front, they decide they can do even more. Combining their talents to become The Union Quilters these formidable women set out to sew a large quilt to auction off as a fundraiser for the Union cause. 

While letters from the front begin to trickle in we see the war from the perspective of the men who are fighting it and the narrative is transferred to the battlefield where we share their trials and tribulations first-hand. And as the Union Quilters endeavor to sustain their ongoing projects on the home front, we find that each of them is in a battle for her own life as well. Anneke Bergstrom’s husband Hans has declared himself a pacifist who would rather be ostracized and scorned than to go against his conscience, placing her in a difficult position with her community. And Hans’ unmarried sister Gerda takes up her pen and begins to write fiery pieces for the local newspaper under a male pseudonym. Meanwhile, Constance Wright’s husband Abe, a freeborn man of color, is still considered unworthy to wear the Union blue. And even though her husband is miles away, Charlotte Granger must still share Jonathan’s affections with Gerda, through the letters he writes to her and with whom he is not-so-secretly in love.

A gripping tale of love, honor and the unfailing strength of the human spirit, Chiaverini draws upon our deepest emotions, conjuring up visions of one of the most protracted and violent periods in our history.


By River Jordan
$14.95 Berkley Books

Miracles happen every day although often they are so small they more than likely elude us. But in 2008, miracles became a part of author River Jordan’s life. In her book PRAYING FOR STRANGERS, now out in paperback, she chronicles this amazing year-long journey which began as a New Year’s resolution and took her to places she had never imagined she could go.

New Year’s was a breath away and resolutions were on her mind when, in a flash, it came to her; she knew what she had to do. In addition to praying for her sons, who were headed off to war, every day, she would also pray for a stranger. At first, Jordan had no idea how to do this. How would she know who to choose? And what would she say to them, if she said anything at all? But before she had time to figure it out she was off and running, as the right people simply began to appear in the course of her day.

It could be anyone; a woman in the bus station or a desk clerk in a small motel in the middle of nowhere. Each time she would approach a stranger and offer to pray for them she was greeted with wonder and thanks. It was always the same: she had come at just the right time, as if she had been sent to them. One woman shared that she prayed for others all the time and had asked God that morning who was praying for her? Another woman had just lost her daughter and was trying to get through a difficult anniversary. And on and on it went. Day after day little miracles appeared in Jordan’s life, altering not only the lives of others but altering her emotional landscape as well.

To say that I was captivated by Jordan’s enigmatic prose would be an understatement. I was mesmerized. Hers is a story that points to the interconnectedness that binds the human race together, despite the fact that as a society we are living more disparate lives than ever before. Jordan says it best, “Our paths cross in this magical, amazing, bitter-sweet life. If only we knew how important we are to each other. Even as – particularly as – strangers.” Not only will you want a copy of this book but you will want to give a copy to everyone you know because, like her prayers, Jordan’s story is one that is definitely meant to be shared. / Issue 133 - September 9473
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