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Lions and Tigers and...Actors, Oh My!

Twenty five years ago, Martine Colette had a dream; build a sanctuary where endangered exotic animals could be taken in, cared for, and protected. She took a shovel and began to dig- and now her unique Wildlife Waystation located on 160 acres in Angeles National Forest near Los Angeles is home to 1,100 wild and exotic animals of all species-birds, reptiles, animals from the largest predators to the cuddly kind.

With an annual budget of $2.4 million (big cats consume 1,800 pounds of meat a day; primates and bears eat 300 pounds of fruit and produce a day) and no government funding whatsoever, Martine and her staff of 20 use private and corporate sponsorships, visitors to the waystation, and their own fundraising efforts as their entire source of revenue.

How cool is it then that several of Hollywood's most prominent film stars have joined forces to record "HOLLYWOOD GOES WILD", a music CD designed to benefit the Los Angeles Wildlife Waystation. "This is a wonderful gesture from our neighbors, the Hollywood community," says Waystation founder, Martine Colette, who oversees the 24-hour-a-day facility.

Consequently, the album's spicy flavor varies as much as the stars on it. The album includes tracks by Jeff Goldblum, "Born Free'ky," The 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts featuring Russell Crowe singing, "The Photograph Kills, " Bijou Phillips "Polite, " Brad Pitt "Mid Town," Juliette Lewis, "Hardly Wait", / Issue 14 - September 2018
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