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by Jacqueline Aldridge
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Lady Gaga with nails by Deborah Lippman

It’s hard to believe that we first spoke with celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann in December 2001, when both Lippman's nail polish line and Dish Magazine were about 1-year old! Since then, both Dish and Lippmann have changed a lot. We’ve gotten larger, and she’s much smaller! It seems that the somewhat overweight Lippman of yore began an amazing weight-loss journey in 2009, which was chronicled by SHAPE magazine, losing 80 lbs in two years! And you should see her now- wow, what a transformation!

Through the years, Lippman has remained one of the most sought-after manicurists in the world, polishing the nails of stars such as Anne Hathaway, Lady Gaga (wearing Lippman's  "Yellow Brick Road" polish in photo), Kate Hudson, Selena Gomez, and more. In addition, Lippman made a huge splash by creating a new line of polish specifically for "True Blood" fans. Called
"Deborah Lippmann Forsaken Sookie Nail Lacquer" the duo includes "polish in two shades as dual-spirited as Sookie herself." Inspired by the HBO series, this duo will have you looking "drop dead gorgeous until the break of dawn."

True Blood by Deborah LipmanAnd once again this year, Lippman will be working backstage at New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 for such design greats as Kate Spade, Badgley Mischka, Honor, Narciso Rodriguez, Dean Quinn and Cynthia Rowley. The nail guru also made recent appearances on HSN to promote her rich, long-wearing nail color and specialty beauty treatments.  

We know it’s January, and baby, it’s cold outside! Beat the winter blues with Deborah’s sparkling, hot, and brand-new nail lacquers! Try the gold studded black glitter polish, Cleopatra in New York, $18; Through the Fire, with a radiant merlot shimmer, $18; Let’s Go Crazy, an outrageous royal purple glitter polish, $18; and Modern Love, a modern classic mauve creme polish, $16.

Deborah Lippman nail polishLippmann has also created a trendy new collection of complementary lip and nail color sets, $38. Try her latest Love Notes duet when you want to show off your sultry side. It includes a sheer, sexy pomegranate red lip color called Let’s Do It, paired with My Old Flame, a classic red lacquer from her core collection. The lip color is sheer, with a beautiful glossy finish that creates a look that is modern and sexy. The My Touch My Kiss set is perfect for everyday wear, including a nude-mauve lip color called I’m Every Woman, and Naked, a sheer, bare-beige lacquer.

Nail and Lip Set by Deborah LippmanNail and Lip Sets by Deborah LippmanNot participating in Fashion Week? No worries. Here are Lippmann’s instructions for how to do a proper manicure in the comfort of your own home!

1. Remove all traces of nail polish with Deborah Lippman’s The Stripper lavender nail lacquer remover ($18). Be careful not to get any remover on the surrounding skin.

2. File nails using a medium grade black file. Coarse emery boards or metal files can be damaging to the nail and cause it to split or peel... File nails from the outer edge to the center-- do not "saw" back and forth.

3. Brush on Cuticle Remover ($20) generously all around cuticle area. (Cuticle Remover should not be confused with Cuticle Oil or cream.)

4. Add a few drops of Cuticle Remover into bowl of warm water and soak fingers for two minutes.

5. Using a cuticle pusher, push back cuticles by moving pusher in tiny, circular movements ALL around the nail plate.

6. Gently wipe excess from nail plate and carefully "nip" any loose edges of skin. Never cut your cuticle as the cuticle is a barrier to keep bacteria from entering the body.

7. Massage in your favorite hand lotion and/ or Deborah Lippman Cuticle Oil ($20).

8. Wrap a small amount of cotton around tip of orange wood stick and dip it in The Stripper. Gently wipe excess oil from nail plate, under nail and across nail tip.

9. Apply base coat. Choose from among Lippmann collection products depending on the condition of the nails. a) Rehydrating base coat for dry nails ($18) b) Ridge filler base coat for ridged, porous nails ($18) -- or for a smooth matte undercoat c) Nail strengthener with VITAMIN E and CALCIUM for weak nails.

Follow with nail color and then Umbrella top coat ($20), which is waterproof and UV-resistant; the high-shine top coat carries oxygen to the nail and creates a chip-resistant finish; Or, if you’re in a hurry, use her Addicted to Speed ultra quick-dry top coat ($20). Allow each coat to dry between layers.

Swipe the brush across the tip of the nail with each application to seal the coat. Be careful to let nails dry before resuming normal activities.

Visit to see all of Lippman’s amazing products and to see manicure video tutorials. / Issue 142 - September 2018
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