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L O O K I N G  G O O D
Mother Nature!
Earth-Friendly Ethical Fashion Accessories

In early 2010, the amazing Livia Firth (filmmaker, creative director of Eco Age, blogger, and wife of Colin Firth) initiated what’s become known as the Green Carpet Challenge. It’s a fashion experiment in which Firth challenged herself and others to only wear Ethical fashion on the red carpet during awards season, and then she shared her experiences on her blog.

In case you don’t already know of it, Ethical Fashion is an umbrella term adopted to describe ethical fashion design, production, retail, and purchasing. It covers a range of issues such as working conditions, exploitation, fair trade, sustainable production, the environment, and animal welfare. Concerns include how a dress was made and the fabric it was created in, where it was made and who made it. This initiative inspired Gucci to make the first ever zero-deforestation handbag, and got other top designers to participate including Tom Ford, Chanel, Armani, Yves, Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, and more. Though earthy style is all the rage right now, it’s clear that caring for the earth has finally become a top priority for fashion design’s higher-ups.

In celebration of Earth Day on Monday, April 22 and Arbor Day on Friday, April 26, get in touch with mother nature, and treat yourself or a friend or loved one to one of these natural, fashionable, earth-friendly accessories for spring.
Pluggz shoes
Feeling Earth’s Energy! PLUGGZ Flats & Flip-flops
Remember that awesome feeling of your bare feet in the soft, warm grass, or the sand between your toes as you walk down the beach? According to Pluggz, it feels so great because what you are actually feeling is - Earth’s energy. According to the company, by standing on a natural energy source, we are able to get grounded.

Each shoe in a pair of Pluggz contains an actual black “plug”, made from a custom carbon and rubber compound that sits under the balls of the feet, ensuring an electrical contact between us and the earth via a flow of free electrons from the earth to our bodies. This proprietary technology allows us to get grounded as we walk on grass, sand, soil - or even concrete. Other features include slip-resistant rubber soles, memory foam padded arches and heels, and trampoline soles with wicking, anti-microbial lining. So get grounded with your own pair of Pluggz flats for $129. There are also Pluggz flip-flops for $39. Find out more here.

Eco-Optics eyewear
ECO-OPTICS EYEWEAR - Made From 95% Recycled Materials
Eco-Optics is the first and only glasses and sunglass collection made with 95% recycled materials. Both feel good and look good in these creative and design-forward styles, made from recycled stainless steel and plastic. Plus, in an effort help the earth even more, a tree is planted for every frame sold through Trees for the Future and its One Frame One Tree initiative. So far they’ve planted over 600,000 trees planted and counting. Even famed actors Paul Dano, and Leonardo DiCaprio (who recently bought the 1075 and 108)  are fans of the fashionable eyewear. Of the many stylish offerings, we like the Eco Safari 701 Acetate and repurposed wood, Matte topaz with dark brown gradient lens ($225) and the Eco 119 Acetate Tortoise with dark brown lens ($160).  Learn more here.

Sprout watchSPROUT - An Eco-Friendly Timepiece
Sprout Watches makes one of the most eco-forward timepiece available. The company is best known for its model featuring a biodegradable corn resin watchband, but they also use other natural materials including cork, Tvyek® (which resembles leather), bamboo, organic cotton and water-resistant models. The lenses are made of mineral crystal, which is a type of glass made from sand, and is technically recyclable. Each watch has a mercury-free battery and even the diamonds they use are all certified and conflict free! Sprout is also very dedicated to the environment through contributing to global environmental charities Trees for the Future and 1% for the Planet. As if it could get any better, the watches are affordably priced from $30 - $80. Check out the many options here.

Novica jewelry
NOVICA.COM - Gold-plated Rainforest Jewelry
In association with National Geographic, the online shopping site offers a large variety of beautiful home decor, natural jewelry and accessories, and paintings from around the world. One of the most gorgeous finds features natural flowers and leaves found only in the rainforest, that are then gold-plated and turned into necklaces, brooches and more. Designer Danai selects a perfect bloom for each piece, such as showcasing a classic Thai Dendrobium Orchid,  a natural blossom that reveals exuberant color, enameled by hand on a 24k gold plated necklace called 'Purple Perfection' ($36.49) or evoking the majesty of Thailand's rain forest, a 22k gold plated Rubber Tree Leaf necklace, called 'Forest Solo' ($25.09) Browse more beautiful jewelry here.

Itsy Bitsy Falabella ToteItsy Bitsy Falabella Tote! by STELLA MCCARTNEY
You may worry about the products you buy when you’re not sure where they’re coming from. Stella McCartney solves that problem by assuring you that her Itsy Bitsy Falabella tote is made from the wool of her own ethically raised sheep at her organically-run Cotswolds farm, in the English countryside. The 100% wool tote bag features tufted three dimensional textured panels and is named after two of McCartney’s sheep, Itsy and Bitsy. Cute!You can get your own Itsy Bitsy Falabella Tote for $1,990.00 here.

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