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These days, many average Americans have an office drawer or even a closet filled with never-used Christmas present gadgets, Home Shopping Network doohickies, a thingamabob showcased on Good Morning America and, of course, an out-of-date smartphone that cost too much to throw away. As consumers buy more shiny gizmos and technology becomes increasingly ingrained into our lives, we are left wondering how to use the gizmos that we spent an arm and a leg for.

Thankfully, in response to the tech boom, technology blogs have popped up with easy to understand step-by-steps and definitions for the Average Joe. Blogs like TechCrunch, Mashable and All Things Digital help us understand the ever-changing world of technology and keep us updated on the latest news.

Pete CashmoreMashable’s 27-year-old CEO and founder, Pete Cashmore, is one of the most talked-about young technology titans in the world. He started the blog at age 19, and 8 years later, Mashable attracts 50 million monthly pageviews and is one of the top 24/7 new sources for digital influencers. Mashable’s Twitter account is one of Twitter's 40 most-followed pages, and Cashmore has been recognized as one of Inc magazine's 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs, Forbes' Top 25 Web Celebs and one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People. Mashable also has a strong focus on business and entertainment. Early this year, the tech blog presented the world premiere of “Nuclear,” the reunion single by Destiny's Child.

If you love to read blogs for the dish on technology, you have likely come across TechCrunch. In 2010, the international tech blog was acquired by AOL for the hefty price of 25 million. It has a staff of superstar bloggers like Erick Schonfeld and Duncan Riley, who provide up-to-the-minute coverage on startups, gadgets, gaming, product guides and more. Of TechCrunch’s knowledgeable team, the most impressive blogger is Michael Arrington.
Michael ArringtonDespite recent allegations of domestic abuse and rape exposed in April 2013 by Gawker for which he is under investigation, Arrington has had a successful professional life. He launched TechCrunch in 2005, and since then has expanded the TechCrunch Network to France, Japan and Europe as well as CrunchBase, CrunchBoard, TechCrunch IT, TechCrunch TV, InviteShare, Gillmor Gang and Elevator Pitches. The 42-year-old entrepreneur and blogger is also known for changing the perception of technology bloggers and has been applauded by Wired and Forbes. In 2011, Arrington pulled a Steve Jobs and left TechCrunch, but he returned in October 2012.

Kara SwisherKara Swisher writes BoomTown, which is not only online, but also on the front page of the Wall Street Journal’s Marketplace section. Swisher is also the host of the All Things Digital conference, which has allowed her to interview titans like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. This spring, All Things Digital was nominated by the Webby Awards 2013 for best Websites/Website Features and Design/Best Writing (Editorial).



Larry DignanLarry Dignan is the editor of ZDNet and the editorial director of ZDNet’s sister site, TechRepublic. In 1995, he began to write for and The New York Times but now works soely at ZDNet. In addition to covering conventional tech topics, Dignan expands the coverage on ZDNet to politics, global warming and the environment.

Henry BlodgetHenry Blodget is CEO and editor-in-chief of Business Insider, a blog that focuses on internet business trends and research. In the 1990s, Blodget gained widespread attention after he accurately predicted that Amazon’s stock would reach $400. His insight made him the top internet/e-commerce analyst on Wall Street in 2000.

Mike MasnickIn 1997, Mike Masnick founded Techdirt, a successful blog that has won Best of the Web awards from both Business Week and Forbes. Frequent tech blog readers are likely well-acquainted with the “Streisand Effect”, a term coined by Masnick in 2005, which refers to attempted censorship of online material leading to that material becoming even more widely publicized.

Eric SavitzEric Savitz is likely your favorite technology blogger’s favorite blogger. The accomplished journalist has written for Dow Jones, Barron’s, The Industry Standard, Smart Money and Forbes as well as his own blog, Tech Trader Daily, which was the first tech blog launched on Barron’s. This spring, Savitz was appointed partner at the strategic communications firm, Brunswick Group. 



Marshall KirkpatrickIn the world of tech blogging, Marshall Kirkpatrick has a long history that goes back to his role as lead blogger at TechCrunch in 2006. This journey took him to the position of director of content at SplashCast Media, and now he is the vice president of content development at ReadWriteWeb, a  tech blog launched in 2003. It’‘s considered one of the top 20 blogs throughout the world for its reputation as one of the authorities on Web 2.0, which refers to the more advanced second web generation.


Lady GeekLady Geek is a unique, female-oriented blog as steep in tech talk as any other major technology blog. Founded by Belinda Parmar, Lady Geek is a resource for businessmen and encourages discussion limited to male-dominated atmospheres. And yes, even technology blogs for women have men on the staff.





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