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Stow app

STOW Away the Worries
How many times have you forgotten to pack your swimsuit when you took off for a beach getaway? Or how often have your returned home from vacation realizing you didn’t use half the stuff you packed? STOW offers you a variety of templates like “beach trip” and “family visit” that will create a packing list for you, factoring in the weather, date of the trip, how many days you’ll be gone, etc. This app will remember what you’ve got to bring so you don’t have to. You can even create your own templates for trips you often take. (Get it at for $1.99). Suggested by Jessica Pace

Olde Thompson Spice RacksSpice It Up...In the Kitchen!! OLDE THOMPSON SPICE  RACKS
OMG That’s Good! Tired of rummaging through cluttered cabinets and drawers to find that must-have bottle of Paprika? Then check out these ingenious and convenient Olde Thompson Spice Racks. These racks come pre-filled with labeled herb and spice bottles, so no more last minute dashes to the store every time you realize you're missing a spice for your favorite recipe. Bottles are capped with flip lids, with both shaking and pouring options for your convenience! Made from high quality materials, these racks are a great addition to the look of any kitchen. Choose from multiple designs to find the perfect fit for you. (These pre-filled racks range in price from $35 to $65) Head to the nearest Bed, Bath & Beyond, or click on the following link to view the many available options: Suggested by Mamie Nash

DrinkifyWalk the Line, With a Whiskey! DRINKIFY
Feel like a drink, but have no specific cravings? Check out DRINKIFY, a website that pairs your favorite tunes with an appropriate adult beverage! Simply designed, all you have to do is type in the name of the band or artist you’re listening to and click “What should I drink?” DRINKIFY suggests a mixed drink, beer or liquor appropriate to the music, and in case you don’t already know, tells you how to make it.  (Check out Suggested by Jessica Pace

Dyson Bleadeless FanChill Out! DYSON BLADELESS FANS
Bladeless and completely safe, DYSON FANS are possibly the most awesome fans on the market! They draw in hot air and amplify it up to 18 times, creating a cool, refreshing feeling, while presenting no danger to children or pets. Safe, easy to clean, and with dimmer switch power control for complete cooling precision, these fans have a streamlined look that will enhance the decor in any room! (Prices range from $299.99 to $449.99. Stop by Best Buy to check these out in person, or visit Suggested by Mamie Nash

Chalk Paint on kitchen cabinet$6 DECOR! Chalk It Up To BENJAMIN MOORE & RUSTOLEUM!  
Looking for a unique way to personalize your home? Consider chalkboard paint! This paint can be used everywhere from kids rooms to kitchens, for backsplashes, pantry doors, or on jars for easy labeling. The paint is available at Lowe’s, Home Depot, Michaels, and Walmart, among other stores. for tips on use!

Want to add an even more personal touch? Home Depot offers tinting to make your chalkboard paint the color of your choosing! Follow the link to see tinting options: Suggested by Mamie Nash

Carrot appCARROT: For the Donkey in All of Us
There are a few trending apps for the busy bee and the traveler that Dish really likes. There’s CARROT, which is like an interactive to-do list. With this new app, which is referred to as “the to-do list with a personality,” you can not only list the things you have to get done, but CARROT will respond accordingly every time you complete - or fail to complete - a task. That means you could be unlocking games or a digitized kitten if you get your oil changed this week, or be harshly chastised by CARROT if you forget to pay your water bill. (Download now for $1.99 at Suggested by Jessica Pace




Cutco knife setsCUTCO: Slice of Life!
We’ve all dealt with the problem kitchen knife. The one that produces tomato mush instead of cubes, and renders bread into mere crumbs instead of nicely sliced pieces. This, my friends, is an embarrassing situation for any hostess. The solution? CUTCO, The World’s Finest Cutlery. Not only are these knives made with a signature edge, but they come with a lifetime warranty, and the company will sharpen your knives for free whenever you feel the need (trust me, you won’t feel that need very often). Is your kitchen lacking in other areas? No problem! CUTCO has a vast and varied inventory, certain to make any cook, hostess or even bride, happy. Also great for finding that special wedding or house-warming gift. (Prices vary. See for more!) Suggested by Mamie Nash

Sachi insulated lunchbagsSACHI INSULATED LUNCH HANDBAG: Fashion Fiesta
Bringing your lunch to work? Why not do it in style? Throw out those ugly plastic grocery bags and revamp your lunchbreak with a Sachi Insulated Designer Lunch Handbag! These bags are insulated and easy to clean, and they come in a variety of colors and styles to fit your personal taste. Handles fold down for easy storage. Sachi Bags are also large enough to double as a purse! (Prices range from $5.99 to $27.99. See Suggested by Raeanne Rubenstein

Bambooee towelsBAMBOOEE! Clean & Green Reusable Paper Towels
3,000 TONS of paper towel waste is produced every day! Why not do your part in cutting down the madness? Meet Bambooee, the reusable paper towel! Machine washable and reuseable, 20 Bambooee sheets replace up to 286 paper towel rolls. Made from organic bamboo, Bambooee is strong and absorbent, and capable of cleaning any mess! Better than any paper towel, use them to soak up grease, dry dishes, clean the house, polish your counters, and even use them as baby wipes! The possibilities are endless--and so are the savings!  (Priced around $10 a roll, visit Suggested by Raeanne Rubenstein

Diamond Ultrasonic tooth brushDIAMOND ULTRASONIC! Your Mouth’s New Best Friend
Forget old school toothbrushes, good vibrations are now caring for your pearly-whites! At least they should be, with the Diamond Ultrasonic Toothbrush & UV Sanitizer! With a cutting edge design and a sleek, modern look, this toothbrush provides a lightning-fast 30,000 strokes a minute, and includes a two-minute auto timer with 30 second alerts. With three modes, there's a comfort level for everybody! The included UV compartment kills 99.9 of bacteria, so your toothbrush will always be fresh and clean for the next use. (MSRP: $219) Suggested by Raeanne Rubenstein

Dell'Acqua SneakersDELL’ACQUA SNEAKERS: Comfort & Style Combined
Wearing heels every day can take a toll on your legs and feet, but there’s another footwear option that’s just as pretty as your favorite pair of pumps. During upcoming summer months full of theme park strolls, foreign travel and more, your feet will take kindly to the Alessandro Dell’Acqua Sneakers at Saks Fifth Avenue. Created by fashion designer Dell’Acqua, these sneakers are about fashion and function. Made in Italy, the shoes feature luxurious elements including lace, calf leather, suede and even Swarovski crystals. The women’s collection is full of gorgeous colors and feminine details, providing an excellent option for those who don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort.  Check out the A Logo Lace Sneakers ($310), Multicolor Crystal Suede Low-Top Sneakers in Beige ($425), and the Crystal A Logo Suede Sneakers ($380). See the many cute options (and be sure to check back for sales!) at Suggested by Solana Hawkenson

ApronAPRON COOKING GUIDE At Your Fingertips
Fed up of frantically thumbing through cookbooks while your goulash burns? Or coating your keyboard in baked beans and bolognese while help on Google slowly loads? Fear not! SUCK UK has moved help closer, with the Apron Cooking Guide! Designed by John Caswell, the apron is full of useful information. The Guide includes numeric conversions, cooking times for vegetables, roasting times for birds, freezing instructions, defrosting times, a cooking glossary and more! Get yours for £15, plus the cost of international shipping, at Suggested by Solana Hawkenson

H0LES kaleidoscope glassesBe A Girl With H0LES Kaleidoscope Eyes
Made in 1817 by Scottish inventor Sir David Brewster, the kaleidoscope still engages children and artistic types of all ages today, with its ability to give the viewer a beautiful, colorful view of the space around him or her. Make a statement at the pool or your next party in the H0LES Kaleidoscopic Glasses, set in molded plastic. The facets on these glasses give you kaleidoscopic vision, but the prismatic finish on the outside gives everyone else something to enjoy. Snag a pair for $100 at Suggested by Solana Hawkenson / Issue 148 - September 2018
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