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Where have I been??

I promised my editor when I took on the column that I would write on being "OUT AND ABOUT." At that time I was doing a great deal of traveling and was basically in full on speed. Although this column today is not splashy...I feel compelled to tell you about a personal transforming experience I have recently had.

It started for me with a phone call to a friend that I admire and respect who is in the health field. I called her and said I need to do something NOW.I feel like hell and I am so stuck..BEEN THERE??

She tells me about this place.Optimum Health I write the name down. I make a call, go on the web, book it.all within a few hours. After pondering, a few days later I booked another week.You see I was so stuck in my head and with my health, that I needed to do something drastic to make a shift>>EVER BEEN THERE???

I was seeking and searching for some place that I could get quiet, get in touch, hear again, feel again .all I wanted was to hear that tiny voice in my head to tell me where to go and what to do next.


All I knew was: Here was someone leading me to something I knew nothing about but, I went through that door..

Thank God I did..

It was scary as hell let me tell you.

Before going I was having cluster headaches and was on some pretty heavy duty medication. It got to the point that I did not know if I was taking the medication for the hell of it, or scared that if I didn't the wave would come.

So on this journey........... I arrived on a Sunday night, making the decision on my own to go cold turkey off of everything..all meds. / Issue 15 - September 2018
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