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With his inaugural words, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country,” John Fitzgerald Kennedy became a 20th century Peter Piper, leading the American people into not only a new era of government, but a metamorphosing society as well. President Kennedy became an icon to his country because of his success, intellect, and finesse as a powerful political force, despite his age.

Though his time in office was short-lived, only a thousand days as Commander in Chief, he is still revered as the most compelling president of the 20th century. As the 35th President of the United States, being sworn into office at the minimal allowable age to run of 35, and the only Roman Catholic to ever hold office, he very quickly succeeded in proving to the world his finesse as a leader.JFK Tombstone
50 years after his death, on November 22, 1963, Kennedy’s impact on this country and the tragedy surrounding his assassination still weighs heavily on the minds of this nation’s people. 2013 marks a yearlong celebration of both the life and death of one of America’s most beloved president, as many museums, television productions, and speakers will be exploring the man behind the famous face.

Known as the people’s president, his image is frozen in time. We will always remember him as he was, even though May 29 of this year, would have been his 96th birthday.  Gone but not forgotten, he is still revered as an iconic representation of his generation, and is held dear to our hearts as the celebration of his legacy takes the nation by storm.

JFK and his Jackie at airportThe Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza in Dallas began their monthly "Living History Series" with speakers that had some type of interaction with the president on the day of his death. The series runs for a year, along with tributes to Kennedy’s life as both man and president, honoring him as a beloved leader, intellectual figure, and compassionate father and family man.

The John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum Foundation is celebrating the occasion with their special exhibit, Cape Cod: The Summer of 1963 to November 22, 1963 - Days of Joy”. It examines the last days of Kennedy’s Camelot era with pictures, news clips, and wall exhibits to reflect the most iconic moments of Kennedy’s life. Renowned Kennedy family photographer Andrew Fone’s documentary will also be an important component of the exhibition.

The Newseum in Washington D.C. is featuring a memorial exhibition that will run until January 5, 2014, which features two new exhibits, “Creating Camelot”, “Three Shots Were Fired”, and a new original documentary, "A Thousand Days", chronicling his rise to the presidency, a close look at Kennedy’s family life, and the tragedy of his death. The exhibits opened on April 12, 2013.

[Film and Television Productions]

On April 16, the combined forces of Atchity Entertainment and Ramos and Sparks Group announced their plan to make Secret Service agent and now bestselling author Gerald Blaine’s book The Kennedy Detail” into a feature film. The book was released in 2010 and highlights the perspective of the men sworn to protect Kennedy’s life, offering a close-up look at the day of his assassination.
nJFK and Jackie O
National Geographic is set to present Killing Kennedy, which is based on the bestselling book by Bill O’Reily and Martin Dugard. Rob Lowe (Parks and Recreation) has been cast to play Kennedy, and Ginnifer Goodwin (Once Upon A Time) is to play beloved first lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Production began last month and is set to air on the day of the anniversary in November.

PBS will also pay a tribute to Kennedy, beginning on the eve of November 22, with a four-hour, two part program titled ‘‘JFK,’’ ‘ an ‘American Experience’’ portrait of Kennedy, analyzing what he accomplished and what was left undone. The program will present new perspectives, and takes on the events surrounding the president's death. 

[New and Unseen Footage]

A school project by seventh grader Alyssa Leverton led to the unveiling of the only existing, never before seen, color footage of the reenactment of the assassination of JFK. The video belonged to Jan and Bobby Lemons, who took a trip to Dallas a few months after Kennedy's death, exactly when the assassination was being reenacted. Passionate about taking photos and recording videos, Lemons  took out his color camcorder and recorded everything, including the actual spot where Kennedy was assassinated. Currently, the video is at the Dallas Museum. to which the Lemons donated the video so that everybody can see it.

JFK and family with dogsJacqueline Kennedy’s side of the story is finally available, after Caroline Kennedy decided to release secret footage, 85 hours of tapes, photographs, and a series of interviews and transcripts, in 2011. The footage reveals the First Lady’s life and viewpoints on the events, as well as suspected conspiracies surrounding her husband’s death. The footage was locked in the Kennedy Library vault for 47 years after her death in 1994, when Caroline Kennedy, going against her mother’s wishes, released the material. Jaqueline had wanted it to be kept secret for 50 years. Caroline has provided a new perspective on both her mother and father with her decision.  

[New Books]

Using modern technology and unprecedented access to evidence, facts and eyewitness testimony, Detective and author Colin McLaren exposes evidence proving that the fatal bullet that struck President John F. Kennedy’s head – long thought to have been shot by Lee Harvey Oswald – was actually fired by Secret Service Agent George Hickey.

JFK Smoking GunCalled "JFK: The Smoking Gun", McLaren's book is based on a combination of solid ballistic and forensic evidence and actual witness statements from the scene of the shooting. The findings, developed during consecutive, multi-year investigations, present evidence indicating that the only plausible explanation for the shooting is that while Oswald certainly did fire at - and hit - the President and Gov. Connally, the bullet that struck Kennedy's head came from an AR-15 rifle accidently fired by Hickey, who was riding atop the left-rear seat of the follow-up car immediately behind the presidential limosine. 

Dish was fortunate to have had the opportunity to speak with author McLaren  recently, and this is what he had to say about that fateful day! "The assassination of JFK is undeniably the 'Crime of the Century,' the 'Holy Grail' of unsolved crimes. It's important to understand my book about the death of JFK is not about blackening the name of any individual. It's simply about the truth, and supplying a definitive answer to the American people. What it really was is a tragic accident colliding with a foolhardy attempt by an assassin, to kill the President. "

From writer H.P. Albarelli Jr. comes “A Secret Order”, an investigative report with first time published information on the assassination, now available. Released on April 29, 2013, the book seeks to expose the CIA’s involvement with the Kennedy assassination. Though many books have surfaced over the 50 years since his death, this is the first one to feature accounts from CIA agents reporting their involvement in the assassination of the president.

Richard Belzer and David Wayne investigate the other assassinations and deaths surrounding Kennedy’s own assassination with their new book Hit List. Released on April 15, 2013, this book examines the many coincidental deaths that all took place around this time and presents various conclusions and theories as to why all of these instances occurred around the same time, and how and why they are linked.JFK car day of his death

Kennedy was the very first president to find himself in the homes of every one of his constituancy, as the technology of television was advanced tinto being a common household commodity. His ride through Dallas was televised live throughout the nation, and every American alive during the time of his assassination, on November 22, 1963, remembers where he or she was at that dreadful moment. and goes on to share, examine, and hold that single instance in their hearts to this day. John F. Knnedy remains a beacon of hope for all Americans. And his life, both the triumphant and tragic moments, will forever remain pivotal components of our nation’s history.


 To find out more new and amazing facts about Kennedy's life, be sure to check out the amazing books and films listed above! / Issue 153 - September 8839
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