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Let's face it, we're all curious creatures. Having questions is as natural to humankind as breathing- we just need to know things!  And with the advent of the internet, those answers have become closer to our fingertips than ever before.  So why do we still seem to pull out our hair while searching for those still elusive answers?  It all boils down to search engines.

Kaney WestIn the late 90s, many search engine companies were born, as the internet became more and more popular and engaging. But alas, most of them fell into ruin as the dot-com bubble burst.  However, one of these pioneer companies, (then known as AskJeeves), not only survived but thrived. Utilizing natural language search engines, the folks at made it more simple than ever to find answers. Why try to plug in the right keywords when you can just ask a question and get an answer?

Nowadays, enjoys over 100 million users per month around the world, and the companies does not just rest on its laurels.  It continues to innovate with “theKnow”, which keeps track of trends and viral videos on the web and answers questions you never knew you had.  

As always, celebrity and fashion news rarely disappoints, and 2013 was no exception.  From Kanye's directional baby naming to Reese Whitherspoon's arrest, below is a list of the most frequently asked celebrity and entertainment questions of 2013.

Top celebrity and entertainment search terms and questions from are:
1.          North West. Why is Kim and Kanye’s baby named North West?
2.          Miley Cyrus. What did Miley Cyrus do at the VMAs? 
3.          Cory Monteith. How did Cory Monteith die?
4.          Paula Deen. What did Paula Deen say? 
5.          Amanda Bynes. Why was Amanda Bynes arrested?
6.          Lamar Odom. Is Lamar Odom on drugs?
7.          Breaking Bad. When is the Breaking Bad series finale?
8.          Reese Witherspoon. Where can I see Reese Witherspoon’s arrest?
9.          Fifty Shades of Grey. Who will play Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey?
10.       James Gandolfini. Did James Gandolfini die?

Along with the direct questions people have asked, has also collected information on trends and fashions for this year, giving us the top 5 style trends of 2013.

Designer's 2013 Top 5 Style Trends

1.       Rock star style. Theme of this year’s Met Ball, one of the biggest style events of the year.
2.       Adorned fashion. Simplicity is out, with pleats, ruffles and art becoming prevalent on and off the red carpet this year.
3.       Designer Collaborations. By far, the top trending search terms on coincided with the launch of some of this year’s designer collaborations. The two biggest collaborations in terms of search spikes were Philip Lim for Target and Isabelle Marant for H&M.   
4.        Crop. We saw crop tops and midriff-bearing make its way onto the runways, red carpets and the stage.
5.        Flats. Sorry, short girls! From Chloe and Prada to the Birkenstock comeback this year, flat sandals were a big trend in 2013.

For more information on trends, or if you just have a question of your own, visit / Issue 154 - September 1547
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