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Turn up the Pepper!
Spicy, Sizzling Delicacies
(Don't Forget to blow out your brains on Hot & Spicy Day January 16!)
By Solana Hawlenson

Some like it hot! In a recent survey done by restaurant reservations site, nearly 90% of OpenTable VIP diners stated they would like chefs to turn up the heat with spices. Increasing the fire factor in your food is a sure way to stay warm this winter, which is probably what inspired International Hot & Spicy Food Day on January 16. From Sriracha Ice Cream Shakes to Grilled Kimchi-Cheese sandwiches, restaurants all over the country are adding bold menu options for those brave enough to try. If you think you can handle the heat, celebrate the hot & spicy month of January by checking out these hot food trends from across the U.S.!


Spiked & Spicy

Vodka, Sriracha, Cajun Pepper, oh my! The Sriracha Ice Cream Shake is unlike any shake you’ve had before.  You can thank GoBurger in New York City for this crazy concoction, calling it “Fiery Berry Crumble,” originally available for a limited time only. Due to an unforeseen increase in demand, they are now a regular menu item at the burger joint, available for $8 on 1448 2nd Ave New York, NY 10021. If you can’t make it all the way to the Big Apple, you can make one at home with this recipe, courtesy of Eric Sundermann at The Village Voice:sriracha

3 (generous) Scoops Strawberry Ice Cream

Splash of Milk

4 Circles of Srirachi Hot Sauce

½ Cup Graham Cracker Cereal from Three  Sisters

Dash of Cajun Pepper

1 Shot Vodka

Directions: Blend all ingredients slowly and then prepare yourself for a spicy-sweet experience!


Hot & Cold

popsicleMore frozen delights that are sure to surprise your taste buds are paletas, Latin American popsicles that come in traditional flavors with an added spicy kick. Paletas are sold at ice cream shops called paleterías across the country. El Paisanito Paletería y Nevería, located at 429 North Front Street in Woodburn, OR, has a refreshing Cucumber-Chili paleta. Featured on Food Network, Las Paletas in Nashville, TN offers the Chocolate-Chili paleta and Pineapple-Hot Chili paleta. These popsicles start as either harmless creamy chocolate or juicy pineapple paletas, and are kicked up a notch with the infusion of chili powder. Las Paletas Gourmet Popsicles is located at #101, 2905 12th Avenue S, Nashville, TN 37204.


Hot Chicken

What happens when a vengeful girlfriend Prince's Hot Chickencooks her man an extra-peppered fried chicken breakfast to punish him for his unfaithfulness?  A Nashville food staple is born, according to Prince’s Hot Chicken owner, Andre Prince Jefferies, who claims her great-uncle took that extra-peppered chicken and tweaked the recipe to serve in his restaurant. Preparation of hot chicken generally involves being marinated in buttermilk, breaded, sauced with a paste that’s heavy on cayenne pepper, pan-fried, and served on white bread with pickle chips. Nashville hot chicken now has its own city-wide festival in Nashville and has been seen on restaurant menus as far north as Michigan. The hottest spots to find the fiery bird in Nashville are at Prince's Hot Chicken, located on 123 Ewing Dr. #3 Nashville, TN 37207 and Pepperfire, located at 2821 Gallatin Pike, Nashville, TN 37216.  


Korean, the New Thai

KoreanAt last year’s Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, it was clear that Korean food would be big for 2012, and the trend is still growing. Lauryn Chun, founder of Mother-in-Law’s Kimchi in Brooklyn, NY, sells pints of her signature spicy-hot Kimchi, or Korean pickled cabbage. View Chun’s recipes and get your own jar of Mother-in-Law-‘s Kimchi at And if you’re new to kimchi, Chun suggests introducing your palate to the cabbage by adding it to a grilled cheese sandwich. If you’d rather sit and be served, try Pei Wei Asian Diner, with franchises across the country, offering spicy, flavor-charged cuisine from Korea, China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. Or visit to find the Korean restaurant closest to you. / Issue 154 - September 2018
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