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Old, New or Somewhere In-Between!

by Solana Hawkenson & Raeanne Rubenstein

It’s cold outside, and you know what that means. Apart from the Olympics, Valentine’s Day, and a host of other other winter activities, a new crop of exciting TV shows has sprung this season, along with the re-airing of a classic and some other hot series that are worth a second look.

If you’re craving crime, new TV network Crackle has got you covered; the online producer of original web-shows is making the entire first seasons of new shows Chosen and Cleaners available for viewing at your leisure. And Fox’s new channel FXX is serving up two popular comedies; the second season of Legit, which moved from FX, and the resurrection of Sacha Baron Cohen’s beloved, Da Ali G Show.

Stylistas will be excited to hear about Ovation’s new reality show, Fashion Fund, which follows an elite fashion panel in their search for the next recipient of the coveted Fashion Fund Designer of the Year award. Music lovers will rejoice in Sean Combs’s new music show, REVOLT Live; the first show of it’s kind, REVOLT Live will feature two completely different and unscripted musical experiences airing twice in a night. If documentaries are your preference, don’t miss The Amish: Shunned on PBS, which takes a close look at people who have chosen to permanently leave their communities for the outside world.

Read on to learn more about all of these captivating shows!

Arcger Vice

ARCHER VICE | FX | Monday, January 13 at 10et/pt
Archer is an animated, half-hour comedy that, for the first four seasons, revolved around the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) and the lives of its employees. The fifth season of Archer has been renamed Archer Vice, and will switch gears from the Cold-War inspired plot in which the characters act as spies, to the characters becoming criminals in their own right, attempting a life in the cocaine-dealing business.


FASHION FUND | OVATION | Wednesday, Jan 22 at 10et/7pt
Step inside the fast-paced and competitive world of high fashion in Ovation’s new original series, The Fashion Fund. Follow Vogue Magazine's legendary editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, as she and the Council of Fashion Designers of America take aspiring designers on the journey of a lifetime—the competition for Fashion Fund Designer of the Year.

Each week, designers from 10 emerging labels are put to the test, through the increasingly challenging steps of the competition. Judges like Diane von Furstenberg and top-level executives from Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and more, determine who wins the ultimate prize of $300,000 and a one-year mentorship with an industry expert. It will take every ounce of vision, skill and savvy to make one winner’s fashion dreams come true.


REVOLT LIVE | REVOLT | Monday, Jan 27 at 5 and 8et
This truly original, one-hour show will air twice daily at two different times- 5 and 8pm/et - meaning two new shows every day - and will combine special guests, artists, and live performances to bring music fans an unprecedented (and unscripted) music television program, the first of its kind. Filmed daily at REVOLT's brand-new, state-of-the-art studio in Hollywood, REVOLT Live will find hosts and on-air personalities DJ Damage and Sibley - and their many guests - tackling talked-about news of the day, breaking stories, and new music releases and style from REVOLT-authorized artists on the fringes of the mainstream, alternative, and underground scenes.

Adding to its innovative approach of functioning as a live program that strives to deliver the unexpected in constantly-evolving ways, REVOLT Live will also maximize fan engagement by drawing viewers to their social media platforms and digital devices, even as they watch and enjoy REVOLT Live on their televisions.


THE AMISH: SHUNNED | PBS | Tuesday, February 4 at 9-11et
What is it like to be cut off from your faith and your family? The Amish: Shunned follows seven people who have chosen to leave their closed and tightly-knit communities for the outside world, knowing they can never return. Each has paid deeply for their decision. Estranged from loved ones, these former Amish find themselves struggling to make their way in modern America.

To the Amish, shunning is an essential tenet of their faith, a way to maintain the strength and viability of a tight-knit community, and a way to help protect them from the onslaught of modern culture. Forms of shunning vary between different groups of Amish, and even between families, but the practice exists to punish church members who break their vows, in the hope of winning them back. It is an agonizing decision for parents, relatives, and friends to sever ties with loved ones whom they believe to be eternally condemned, after having made the decision to leave.

Revealing the pain of those who leave and the suffering of those left behind, The Amish: Shunned is the story of people confronted with difficult choices. Whether out in the world for weeks or decades, the former Amish featured in the film struggle to create a new sense of community. Interwoven with their stories are the voices of staunchly loyal Amish men and women, who explain the importance of obedience, the strong ties and traditions that bind them together, and the heartbreak they feel when a loved one falls away. Through its sympathetic portrayal of both sides, the film explores what is gained and what is lost when community and tradition are exchanged for individuality and freedom.


LEGIT | FXX | Wednesday, February 26 at 10et/pt
In the FXX original comedy series, Legit, Jim Jefferies star as an edgy, foul-mouthed, stand-up comedian from Australia, in his mid-30s and living in LA, struggling to make his life and career more “legit”. Instead, he finds it a difficult, uncomfortable uphill struggle every step of the way. Jim is encouraged in his quest by his neurotic best friend and roommate, Steve, a cyber-law library salesman who struggles to stay on his feet in the wake of a divorce, and Steve’s brother, Billy, who suffers from advanced stage Muscular Dystrophy and is confined to a wheelchair. Legit stars Jim Jefferies as ‘Jim’, Dan Bakkedahl as ‘Steve’ and DJ Qualls as ‘Billy’.


ALI G: REZURECTION | FXX | Feb 26 at 10:30et/pt
Da Ali G Show, starring Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat, The Dictator), originally aired on HBO in the US. It centered on a Staines junglist, providing an inimitable mix of global reportage and celebrity chat, ably assisted by Kazakhstan's finest journalist, Borat, and the glamorous Bruno (one name - like Madonna). This February, FXX will “resurrect” the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) award-winning show by airing every episode with new, original introductions by the star himself, along with episodes that never aired on American television.


THE RED ROAD | SUNDANCE | Thursday, February 27 at 9et/pt
The Red Road is a gripping, dramatic thriller that presents two distinct visions of America today, as played out through the conflict between two wildly different men. The series revolves around a local sheriff, struggling to keep his family together while simultaneously policing two clashing communities- the small town where he grew up, just outside of New York City, and the neighboring mountains – home to a federally unrecognized Native American tribe. After a terrible tragedy and cover-up further divides these worlds, an uneasy alliance is forged between the officer and a dangerous member of the tribe. As these two men find themselves increasingly compromised by one another, and the emotional ghosts of their collective pasts begin to emerge, the lives of both quickly unravel, leading to unexpected consequences.



Check out Season 2 on

In season one of Crackle’s new original series, an unsuspecting father and lawyer, Ian Mitchell (Milo Ventimiglia) is thrust into a deadly game when a mysterious wooden box, containing a photograph of a stranger named Daniel Easton (Diedrich Bader) and a loaded gun, appears on his doorstep. Continuing where the first season left off, Ian and wife Laura Mitchell (Nicky Whelan) take their daughter Ellie and hide out in a remote cabin, hoping to escape the “game” and pull their family back together.

Back in the city, we meet Jacob Orr (Chad Michael Murray), a down-and-out bartender who is struggling to make ends meet, as he takes care of his handicapped brother. On the way home from a party thrown by his millionaire best friend, Max Banyan (Brandon Routh), Jacob finds “the box” on his passenger seat. After being shot at by a “hunter,” Jacob quickly realizes that he too has been thrust into the deadly game. He must rely on his most basic survival instincts to protect his new love interest, Avery Sharp (Sarah Roemer), and his brother — all while being forced to hunt down a target of his own.



Cleaners is a show that previously aired, which the Crackle network has made available for viewing on

Check out Season 2 on

Roxie and Veronica are two gorgeous young women who happen to be a team of highly trained and lethal contract killers. While out on an errand for their boss, the job goes bad. And when they find an unpleasant surprise in the trunk of their car, they also find themselves as the target. Cleaners boasts an all-star cast including Emmanuelle Chriqui (Entourage), Emily Osment (Hannah Montana), Gina Gershon (Face/Off), David Arquette (Scream), and more. / Issue 155 - September 2018
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