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Pink stuffed animals? Garish, heart-shaped products lining store shelves? Nervous, sweaty men staring down the door at Victoria’s Secret? This can only mean one thing: Valentines Day is here. Those of you with someone special have yet another excuse to shower your beloved with gifts and affection - but what of all the single ladies?

Sure, it’s easy to dismiss the “holiday” as an over-marketed excuse to sell chalky chocolates and kitschy cards, but ignoring the very real emotions behind the cheesiness could leave you sad and alone when everyone else seems to have a big night planned. Just because you don’t have a romantic interest doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with people you love, even if that love is more on the platonic, filial, or sisterly side.

Here are some suggestions to make your V-day great.

Ice cream1. Love Yourself
Don’t be afraid to be a singleton stereotype: if you want to spend your Valentines evening in your PJ’s with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and a stack of your favorite DVD’s, do it! Of course, if you already do this several times a week, it won’t be much of a treat- but if you’re the kind of person who works all the time, puts others first, or is just plain worn out: then use V-day as an excuse to turn off the cell and climb into a much needed bubble-bath.

Single Friends 2. Add a Friend
Of course, all of the above is more fun (and half the calories!) when you can snag a friend. Chances are you’re not the only person you know who’s V-day is wide open - even your attached friends may appreciate a night out. Either way, Valentines day is the perfect time to show a different kind of love.

The More the Merrier3. The More the Merrier
Why stop at one friend? Plan an old-fashioned slumber party with your single friends. If you think you’re too old for scary movies, s’mores, and “Truth or Dare,” you’re wrong. With unfettered access to R-rated films and adult beverages, this might be the best slumber party you’ve ever had.

4. All in the family
Never forget who loved you first. Valentines day is the the perfect opportunity to visit with dear ole’ dad, take mom out for a date, or go bar-hopping with that cousin you love but never visit. If you’ve got anybody you’d call family (even if the DNA says different), chances are they would appreciate you and a surprise bouquet of flowers.

5. Do something about it
There’s nothing wrong with being single, but if you’re looking for that someone special then the feast of St. Valentine is the perfect time to look. Organize a nice dinner with single friends, with a twist: the price of admission is an eligible bachelor friend, preferably of the tall, dark, and handsome variety. It’s the perfect chance to make new friends, or perhaps something more.

organize your closet6. Love yourself, Part II.
Pampering yourself on Valentines Day is a treat only if you don’t pamper yourself much the rest of the year. If you’re already an expert on spoiling yourself, then take the day to do some of those tasks you’ve been putting off. Put on some music and straighten your living room, paint over the scratches on the wall, or organize your closet. Once you’re in the mood to set things straight, you’ll be surprised how much you can get done, and how much better it will make you feel.

Goodwell7. Love a stranger
This isn’t what it sounds like, I promise. Recent studies suggest that helping out others produces a higher level of satisfaction and happiness than being selfish. So make Valentines Day the day you secretly pay for the guy behind you in the drive-through, or volunteer your time for good works. If you follow suggestion #6, take some of those clothes you never wear and run them down to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army for some easy, organized lovin’.

Whatever you do, make your Valentines about the love you can give, and not the love (and flowers, and cards, and chocolate) you feel like you’re missing out on. / Issue 155 - September 2018
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