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Top 8 Foot Surgery Procedures You SHOULD KNOW!

By Marcus Kauffman



Pre foot surgery marksIf you are suffering from foot issues of any kind, not just the 8 mentioned here, help might be just a doctor’s office visit away. Check out references and referrals, and what your friends have to say about the specialist you are considering, especially if they are local. Then read the entire article called “Cinderella Surgery” in this very issue of Dish! Then take your foot out of your mouth, and go see the doctor! You will be amazed at what can be done to help you these days.

1) Cankle Liposuction:
Excess fat deposits from the ankle area are removed with liposuction. Women, most often women of Asian descent, who naturally have wider calves due to muscle hypertrophy (an increase in size of muscle cells) are not candidates for cankle reduction surgery.

2) Toe Tuck:
Any corns are removed along with any thickened soft tissue (non-bony tissue) that is present beneath it. The toe is then straightened so that it is no longer prominent when placed into a shoe.

3) Toe slimming:
Thickened skin on pinky toe is removed, and the bone may be shaved or straightened.

4) Toe shortening:

Bone segment is removed. The procedure can prevent hammertoes and corns.

5) Toe lengthening:
The bone is cut, then stretched or fused with an implant. This also repairs over-shortened toes.

Foot Diagram
6) Foot narrowing:

Corrects bunions on both sides, sometimes before deformities occur.

7) Foot padding:
Fat or fillers are injected into the ball of the foot for added padding.

8) Flat foot procedure:
An implant is placed into the arch of the foot to correct flat-footedness. / Issue 159 - September 2018
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