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Tummy tucks, breast augmentations and nose jobs are among the most popular plastic surgeries in the U.S., but there’s another up and coming cosmetic procedure whose popularity is on the rise: the Cinderella surgery. The term was coined by Beverly Hills podiatrist Ali Sadrieh after female patients of his began requesting aesthetic foot surgeries 13 years ago to correct things like “high-heel foot,” “hitchhikers toe” (when an unusually large big toe sticks out like a hitchhiker holding out his thumb) and “toebesity.”

Cinderella SurgeryIn the last year, the number of cosmetic procedures performed on the feet has doubled. You may think we’re kidding, but it’s actually true. And if you think it’s bunions, or misshaped toe nails that are the cause, you’d be wrong again. In fact, women everywhere are getting plastic surgery procedures like a toe tuck, toe lengthening, toe shortening and fat injections to the balls of their feet, in order to make them sexier.

According to a report from the New York Times, another growing trend among wealthy U.S. women involves altering the shape and size of their feet to fit more easily into designer shoes. Women are increasingly getting their toes shortened or lengthened, their bunions removed, and the bottoms of their feet injected with fat (as a permanent sort of soft insert) just to slip more easily into “peep-toe” footwear. One tv news show recently reported that one woman asked a surgeon to amputate her little toes (he refused) so she could wear designer shoes. Another patient asked her podiatrist for toe liposuction.

Sex in the City EffectOthers prefer to blame what’s being called  the “Sex and the City Effect” for the new beauty craze, and some blame Carrie Bradshaw herself, but other speculation points to the increased number of men who are absolutely obsessed with feet. Strange though it may seem, foot fetishism is the most common form of sexual preference for otherwise non-sexual objects or body parts. The shape of the arches, the size of the toes, the color of the nails, the type of shoes and even the severity of the stink can make some men weak in the knees. Each to their own, I always say!

Dr. Jason I. Altman, MARCELO GHERSI, MD AND Payman Simoni, M.D.Many clinics around the country offer, or even specialize in the newly popular procedures, including Beverly Hills Aesthetic Foot Surgery which makes beautifying feet their main goal. They offer procedures like “The Cinderella Procedure: Preventative Bunion Correction” and “The Perfect 10! Aesthetic Toe Shortening.” These procedures can make feet more aesthetically pleasing and more able to fit into slinky stilettos. Also of note are Florida-based Doctors, Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jason I. Altman (WWW.PSIMIAMI.COM) MARCELO GHERSI, MD (WWW.PSIMIAMI.COM) AND Payman Simoni, M.D. (

Of course, all this comes at a price. According to Dr. Oliver Zong, a New York City podiatrist who performs between 30 and 40 cosmetic foot surgery procedures every month, the cost of a toe tuck averages about $2,000, or the price of two pairs of Louboutin shoes! / Issue 159 - September 7909
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