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Trend Setters in Weight 
Management, Part II
An ABC To Avoid Weight Gain!
Is Sugar Busters For Me? 

"Sugar Busters", the best seller by H.L. Steward and three Louisiana physicians, Bethea, Andrews and Balart was a lightning rod of information for us. 

The authors proclaim that refined sugar is the villain of weight gain, and by sharply avoiding refined sugar foods we will be back on track for weight control. This idea is attractive to us because Harold had two coronary arteries nearly close despite having a normal BMI, and being a heavy exerciser. He did not eat much meat, yet his cholesterol was way up. He dearly loved ice cream and sweets. Sugar Busters claims that sugar makes the arteries clog up, not animal fat. 

After we eat something, frequent blood tests will reveal the actual amount of sugar that goes into our bodies. The information derived is called the glycemic index, a number that gives a standard of good vs. bad. An index of 100 is pure sugar, so the farther below this number, the better. 

A. The glycemic index is the area under the glucose curve measured from 0-4 hours. Eating a protein meal gives a zero index. 

B. When glucose is eaten insulin rises. For protein there is a minimal change in Insulin. When the liver has enough sugar, the excess is converted to fat. 

C. When protein is eaten glucagon not insulin goes up. Glucagon attacks fat cells to release chemical building blocks for needed energy. Thus no insulin or sugar is aroused with protein. / Issue 16 - September 1891
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