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Say, kids do you know what time it is?....It's Howdy Doody time! Apparently, Howdy is pulling something of a modern day Pinocchio. After forty-one years in the archives, Image Entertainment, a leading DVD and videocassette distributor, will release four video compilations featuring sixteen of the most memorable Howdy Doody episodes in mid February. Included in the collection is the 1957 "Easter" special, the "10th Anniversary" show, the 1958 "Halloween" program and, the final broadcast of September 24, 1960,when Clarabell breaks a 13-yr silence and utters the words "good-bye kids!"

If you've never enjoyed the hijinks and shenanigans of Buffalo Bob, Clarabell, Chief Thunderthud, Mr. Bluster, and of course Howdy, and all the gang in Doodyville, you have no idea what you (and your children) are missing.

The 1947-1960 pioneer children's series, recently voted by USA Today as the number two "TV show that shaped our lives," guided an awestruck by television America in basic "values and morals." Not only was show the first on television each afternoon at 5:30 pm (after an entire day of a test pattern TV screen) but, the program was the first to use the split-screen technique, tally 2, 000 shows, develop product merchandising and, actually appear in color -no small feat for a freckled faced marionette, a clown, a chief, a princess, and a cowboy! / Issue 16 - September 2018
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