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Leave that heavy camera bag home! Times they are a-changing! Thanks to the inventive folks at Casio, you can now wear your camera on your wrist like a watch. Or if you look at it another way, you can wear your watch on your arm like a camera!

How's this for an idea- take a handsome, rugged and water resistant, stylish black watch case, and put everything you can think of inside. For timekeeping, you've got several options; there's the actual time, presented with an original and fun layout-and a built-in alarm, in case you need to remember to do something. In addition, there's also a stopwatch complete with a countdown alarm.

But here's the best part- this watch that you wear on your wrist is also a camera, and can take 100 digital black and white photos! Look at your watch, press a small button that converts the watch to camera mode-and voila! You're ready to shoot! You can show it off, or be secretive, it's up to you. There'll be no hiding from your third eye!

And this camera is no joke, either. You can adjust the image brightness, specify the lighting type for indoor or outdoor, and select the recording mode, from normal, to art, to merge, where you can split a frame and put two different people or objects or whatever together in one picture (oh, what trouble you can cause!), and snap. Finally, you can actually add text to your pictures. With a $49.95 adapter kit, you can download your pictures to your PC and save 'em, erase 'em, email 'em or print 'em!

What'll they think of next?

This very cool Casio Wrist Camera ($199.95) and the PC adaptor kit ($49.95) can be found at / Issue 16 - September 2018
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