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By Carol Leifer

$19.95 Quirk Books

Once upon a time in the male-dominated land of stand-up comedy there emerged a bright and beautiful female comedian, Carol Leiffer who blazed the trail for all other female comedians who would follow in her footsteps. Now, three decades and thousands of jokes later, she has written a hilarious collection of essays chronicling her experiences under the bright lights of stage, screen and television, HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY CRYING.

As a writer, comedian and actress, Leiffer has worked on such memorable shows as Seinfeld, Late Night with David Letterman, The Ellen Show, The Larry Sanders Show and Modern family as well as five comedy specials of her own on HBO, Showtime and Comedy Central and she shares her hard-earned wisdom here so we can learn, not only from her successes but also from her mistakes. See why you should always show up on time to an interview, showered and dressed properly and once you have mastered those skills, find out how to conduct yourself in the room. Ms. Leiffer explains that she wrote this book about the ins-and-outs of show business because it’s a manual that she wishes she’d had in her hot little hands when she was first starting out. As she shares practical tips for breaking in to the world of television writing as well as advice on cattle calls, auditions and the like, chapter after chapter she proves that she’s nothing if not the unconditional mistress of the schmooze. Regaling us with stories of her relationships with the famous and successful scions of Hollywood and Broadway, she schools us on why it’s so important to put yourself out there even when you feel shy, as well as how persistence and a simple conversation with the right person can be really beneficial to you and your journey on the road to success.

Throughout the years, I have followed Ms. Leiffer and count myself as one of her biggest fans but reading this book has made me an even bigger one, if that’s even possible. All at once entertaining and instructional, this is a must-read for anyone who’s been bitten by the showbiz bug and wants to storm the gates of the castle. Leiffer’s conversational and witty writing style makes this a smart and funny read that you won’t want to put down.  

By Karen Mack and Jennifer Kaufman

$16.00 Berkley

From bestselling authors Karen Mack and Jennifer Kaufman comes FREUD'S MISTRESS, a novel about Sigmund Freud’s long-rumored love affair with his sister-in-law Minna Bernays. A story of forbidden love, sisterly rivalry and the genius who was dubbed “the father of psychoanalysis” is now out in paperback.

It’s 1895 and Minna Bernays is in an untenable position. Never having married, she’s spent her adult life working as a lady’s companion and governess, bouncing from one job to the next with little success or hope of longevity. Finding herself without suitable employment, penniless and homeless she comes to rest with her sister Martha, Martha’s husband Sigmund Freud and their six children. As Minna begins to settle in, taking care of the children and other household duties, it soon becomes clear that it’s Freud who really needs her attention. Between the demands of his work and his strained relationship with Martha, he reaches out to Minna to provide the intellectual stimulation and companionship he finds lacking in his home. Minna and Sigmund are hardly strangers, having become friends during his courtship with Martha and the years of correspondence that followed have allowed them to develop a mutual understanding. But now that she is sharing a home with him their relationship, once only intellectual, is becoming something more and Minna, who has never really considered herself the marrying type, finds that she’s falling in love with the one man she truly cannot have. The gripping emotional journey that ensues finds Minna at odds not only with her sister but with her inner demons as well, as she struggles to make sense of the untenable situation in which she finds herself.

Well researched and beautifully written, this utterly fascinating novel will keep you glued to the page. A compelling and spellbinding subject, you will find yourself transported to another time and place and you will want to stay there for a very long time.  

THIRD THURSDAY COMMUNITY POTLUCK COOKBOOK Recipes and Stories to Celebrate the Bounty of the MomentTHIRD THURSDAY COMMUNITY POTLUCK COOKBOOK Recipes and Stories to Celebrate the Bounty of the Moment
By Nancy Vienneau

$24.99 Thomas Nelson

When food writer and “recovering” caterer Nancy Vienneau and urban farmer and hat maker Gigi Gaskins met at a local summit on food security in Nashville Tennessee, where they both work and live, little did they know that they would soon become fast friends. After discovering that they were neighbors, they decided it would be a wonderful idea to host a once-a-month potluck. Their intention was to gather a bunch of great people together to talk about cooking, eating and the sustainable food movement, but what developed was far greater than anything they had imagined; they created a community. In order to chronicle the marvelous entity that came into being, Nancy has captured both the recipes and the feeling of those monthly gatherings in her new book THIRD THURSDAY COMMUNITY POTLUCK COOKBOOK.

Featuring 150 seasonal Southern recipes, this gorgeous cookbook is arranged according to month rather than food groups, which enables you to prepare dishes from ingredients that are fresh and available at a particular time of year. Beginning with June: First Solstice, you’ll find recipes for over a dozen dishes including “Smoked Gouda and Spring Pea Risotto”, “Vidalia Onion Pie with Cornbread Crust”, “Plumgood Roast Chicken” and “Chocolate Truffle Ring with Raspberry Whipped Cream”. August: For The Love of Figs features a recipe for “Roasted Fig, Prosciutto and Gorgonzola Pizza” (Yum!), “Southwest Black Bean and Quinoa Salad” and “Brown Butter Honey Cake” and January: Staying Warm has recipes for an abundance of dishes that are sure to keep you coming back such as “Santa Fe Pork Stew”, “Winter Squash, Chard and Onion Bread Pudding” and “Flourless Chocolate Cayenne Cake with Cinnamon Whipped Cream”.

No matter how you slice it, this marvelous cookbook has something that is sure to please everyone at your dinner table or your next potluck. Sprinkled with gorgeous color photographs and stories throughout, this would be a great addition to your cookbook collection and a welcome gift for anyone who loves to cook, eat and share great food.

By Jojo Moyes

$16.00 Penguin

A painting, a world war and the undying loyalty of two women set a century apart frame the turbulently beautiful novel, THE GIRL YOU LEFT BEHIND, now out in paperback, written by internationally acclaimed, best-selling author Jojo Moyes.

It’s 1916 and the Germans occupy much of France including the small town where Sophie Lefèvre and her sister run a small hotel. Her most prized possession is the portrait painted of her in happier times, by her husband Êdouard, a one-time student of the impressionist Degas, titled The Girl You Left Behind. When a new Kommandant comes to town he is captivated, not only by the painting, but by Sophie herself. And as his obsession with her grows, Sophie is forced to make a decision that could alter the fate of her family, her town and her precarious life.

Almost a century later, The Girl You Left Behind has found its way to London where a young widow, Liv Halstrom lives in a futuristic apartment designed by her once-renowned architect husband. Because it was her husband’s wedding gift to her and one of the only mementos remaining from their marriage, Liv prizes the painting above all else. But when it becomes the center of a war-crimes investigation, the scandal threatens to explode Liv’s life, shattering everything she cares about and has come to believe in.

As the tale of these two singularly brave women, their love of a painting and the men who have essentially abandoned them weaves its way across time and distance, the juxtaposition of their lives begins to take on eerie similarities. Realistic, gritty and heartbreakingly poignant, this story takes you to places you would rather not go, but the characters are so compelling you can’t help but follow them. An astonishing read which will captivate you from word one, this is a story that will linger in your imagination for days; long after you’ve read the final sentence. / Issue 161 - August 2018
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