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If the word Lipcote in this story’s title sounds familiar to you, it might be because you’ve known about, or even been using its award winning Lipcote, The Original Lipstick Sealer and Secret of Lasting Lipstick (with a name like that, it has to be good) for years, 50 years, to be exact. lipcote lips

But in case you’re one of the few that isn’t already addicted to it, you should know that it’s adored by celebrities, journalists, beauty professionals, and sexy, soft lips loving women (and men) everywhere. The transparent, quick drying Lipstick Sealer is specially formulated to perfect and protect every shade of lip color, for a long-lasting smudge, feather and fade-proof finish. No more worrying about lipstick escaping from your lips onto a wine glass, or getting that not-so-sexy blotchy lipcolor look. Swipe it on, over any of your favorite lipsticks, for a smooth, clean look all day or night!

But don’t think that Lipcote has just been sitiing on its hands for all this time. Instead, the company has found a new and innovative way to prevent you from ever buying the wrong shade of lipstick again! And that, as we gals already know, is quite an achievment!

The company has created a technnology that makes finding you (and your lips) a perfect match with their new Lipstick Finder. This easy to use online guide to lipstick guides you to not only the right shade, but also the price, and opacity that you desire. 

First, be aware that you will have many, and we mean many choices to make when selecting your new lipstick! Then, select your preferred price range, which can vary greatly as most of you already know, from drugstore cheap to famous fashion designer expensive. Next, choose your shade, from reds, oranges, pinks, purples or even nudes; then, think undertone in blue, yellow, or natural; and finish, matte, satin, or sheen; then opaque, medium, or sheer opacity; and finally the biggie, your desired brand. lipcote

Next, let’s suppose you chose “matte” finish, you’ll be offered tons of different brands and shades of lipsticks that all have a matte finish. If you choose “oranges”, you’ll see a page full of different brands and shades of orange lipstick. Or, you can refine your search by selecting multiple categories at once. Lipcote also judges each of the lipsticks displayed, so you can decide which product is perfect for you, based on its rating. Here’s how it works....

As an example, I chose the “refined search” and selected the price range ‘£10-£15 (by the way, Lipcote’s prices are displayed in British pounds, but a quick click on the handy dandy “currency converter” can fix that quickly enough). Then I selected color range ‘reds’, and undertone ‘blue’. After clicking the “search” button, I found 10 photos of various lipsticks on the screen. Under each sample was the brand, shade name, price, Lipcote rating, color range, price range, undertone, finish and opacity, so I can easily compare several lipsticks without leaving this singular website. Very cool, I must admit!

One option I was given was the bareMinerals Marvellous Moxie Lipstick in shade “Live It Up” (£13.95). By clicking on the photo, I was teleported to another page with a longer description and review of the lipstick. The ‘buttery feel’, ‘suede-like finish’, and ‘minty sweet scent’ of the lipstick was described, as well as the 4/5 star rating.lipcote with bottle

Another option was was the Benefit Full-Finish Lipstick in shade “Flirt Alert” (£14). Lipcote also mentioned the flat-topped tube, which is great when you need to fix your lips on-the-go; you can still get defined edges without using a lipstick brush. Lipcote gave this lipstick a 5/5 star rating, as good as it gets.

So why search dozens of websites, or confusedly scour a million drugstores to find the one lipstick you absolutely must-have in your makeup bag? Browse and compare tons of different brands without ever leaving the comfort of your computer!

P.S. So you made it to the end! Good Girls! So Here’s a Dishmag tip, just for you......

How to apply Lipcote Original Lipstick Sealer:

1. Apply lipstick and blot with a tissue; repeat.

2. Evenly brush quick drying Lipcote over and slightly beyond lipstick.

3. Keep lips apart while Lipcote sets.

Get your hands on the Lipcote Original Lipstick Sealer at, though it is sold in British pounds on the website. You can also find it at for $4.84 plus $5 shipping charges. Visit to find the lipstick of your dreams right now! / Issue 162 - September 2018
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