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Hung over from one too many margaritas last night? Exhausted from a tedious week of work? Tired from playing with your kids all day? A cool stop at a local Oxygen Bar might be just what the doctor ordered!

What happens at a typical bar? You drink too much, pay too much for it, and then really pay the price the next morning! If you’re really unlucky, you might be inhaling second-hand smoke the entire time you’re there. Well into the night, you finally leave, dehydrated and a little (or really) dizzy (and drunk). Sound familiar?

Oxygen BarIf you’re sick of this same-old boozin’ and snoozin’ your weekends away, listen up. There’s a different kind of bar that will help you feel happy without the hangover - enter the newest fad in the land- the Oxygen Bar! Yes, people are actually paying good money for the one thing that is free to us as inhabitants of planet earth. And the good news is, Oxygen Bar devotees claim they leave feeling refreshed, invigorated and clear-headed. Sounds better than nursing a hangover all day, eh?

What is an Oxgen Bar? An Oxygen Bar is a unique, new kind of location created to provide customers with a therapeutic experience, by allowing them to inhale pure oxygen (95%-99%) into their lungs. The idea for behind this is based on a medical procedure called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, in which patients breathe in pure oxygen under increased pressure. Doctors have found that combining pure oxygen with high pressure allows oxygen to enter the bloodstream and deeply penetrate body tissues, helping combat wounds and infections. Oxygen Bars were first introduced for recreational use in the United States in the 1990s, and have grown increasingly popular within the last five years.

How does it work? The oxygen is dispensed through small tubes called Cannulas, which hook around your ears and are inserted into your nostrils. Aviators Breathing Oxygen (ABO), the kind used on aircrafts, or Recycled Air Oxygen are typically used by oxygen bars. Since air only contains about 21% oxygen, a concentrator is used to filter out nitrogen and the other gases present, to increase its overall oxygen content level. Oxygen Bars have also enhanced the experience by offering patrons the option to infuse the oxygen they inhale with aromas ranging from floral to fruity. Also, many of these businesses also offer the option to combine the oxygen flow with head and back massages, which help rejuvenate the body. Sessions range from 2-20 minutes, depending on how much you are interested in spending. Prices vary by bar, but the average cost is about $1 minute. Not too extreme for what you get, if you ask me!

Girl at Oxygen BarWhy should I do it? Oxygen Bar boosters have reported that there are many positive benefits that come from inhaling pure oxygen. It is reported that it can reduce stress, increase energy and alertness, lessen hangovers, alleviate headaches, reduce sinus problems, and relax the body! By now, you must be wondering- can you get high from inhaling it? And the answer is.......NO! But the good news is, customers report that they feel awake and rejuvenated after inhaling the oxygen. If you enjoy your experience and want to share the experience with your friends, many of these facilities are even available for a private party or event. provides customizable oxygen bar equipment for rent to UK residents. provides information for American residents interested in providing “flavored air” at their next event.

Who can use them? While oxygen bars target the generally “healthy” population, it never hurts to consult with a doctor before partaking. Individuals with respiratory and heart problems should avoid oxygen bars because they have the potential to worsen their situations. Also, Oxygen Bar oxygen should not be used as a substitute for medically prescribed oxygen.

Store Front of Oxygen BarWhere can I find an Oxygen Bar near me? As word spreads about an Oxygen Bar's ability to cure hangovers in 20 minutes, more and more people are seeking them out!  So of course, as the demand increases, so will the businesses. Currently they can be found in most major cities, but are particularly popular in mega party cities such as Las Vegas, New York City and Los Angeles. They can also be found in nightclubs, casinos, airports, beauty salons, spas, health clubs, tanning salons, and even shopping malls.

We were asked to inform you of one more very important thing to know! Oxygen Bars should only be located in smoke-free areas to “prevent the gas from stimulating the combustion process”, ie. blow up! Very funny.

Have you been to an Oxygen Bar? What flavors did you try? What effects did it have on you? We want to hear about your Oxygen Bar experience! Tweet us at @DishMag or Facebook us at! / Issue 162 - September 7689
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