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What could be more therapeutic than a cup of tea and a book with the purrfect cuddle buddy after a long stressful day? If only your landlord didn’t have restrictions on four legged companions, or that oh-so-loving roommate was a little more loving towards your furry friends. Let’s not even mention mom complaining about another mess to clean up! If you are suffering from any of these problems, I have the puurrfect solution: The Cat Cafe!

The Cat Cafe

This eastern-world phenomenon has made its way to the west. Starting in Taiwan and Japan as a place where pet lovers, whom were prohibited from having pets, could still have all the benefits of owning a pet without actually taking them home. Many would go to play with the cats and escape the stress of their everyday lives. Other forms of pet rental such as rabbit and goat rental are also common in Japan.

Cat Cafés

Cat Cafés have spread all throughout Western Europe, Australia and now the United States. Now in Montreal, and soon to be in L.A. and Denver, the Cat Cafes actually serve as a place to enjoy a cup of coffee in one part of the facility, and run around (or cuddle) with a feline of your choice on the other side.

Now with all clawing aside, some Cat Cafés also raise awareness to the issue of abandoned and stray cats by partnering with local shelters and operating as halfway homes to encourage adoption. For those of you who don’t travel frequently or have complicated living situations, there are many ways for you to adopt. If you aren’t so lucky as to find a liter of kittens under your porch, you can start by visiting your local animal shelter or scouting out a “Free Kittens” sign at the grocery store down the street. Most pet stores have frequent adoption events. Different pet stores like Petco and PetSmart devote certain weekends throughout the year where you can go adopt,
The Cat Shoppe & Dog Store and become knowledgable to all the things you would need to know about adopting a pet. If you are in the Nashville area and perfer something local, you could check out The Cat Shoppe & Dog Store located at 2824 Bransford Avenue.

If you miss the last adoption weekend or you’re too anxious to wait for the next one, you could always you could always visit Pets911, PetFinder or AdoptaPet online. These websites will inform you of all the information you need on how to properly go about adopting a pet. What locations to visit for your adoption, as well as basic pet care and health tips.

Before adopting any animal, you should do all your research on the different types of animals you are considering adopting. Ask yourself a few questions before skipping off to find the pet of your dreams, such as:
-How do these animals normally behave?
-Will caring for this animal fit into my everyday schedule?
-Do I have a sufficient amount of space in my home for this animal?
-Can I afford to take care of this animal?

Three catsMaking a sure decision can be difficult. Remember, every pet has a different personality and different responsibilities that come along with it. When dealing with animals off the street and from shelters, consider what situations the animal has previously been in. Some animals have experienced heinous crimes in their previous living situation. Therefore, they might not be the cheerful, energetic pets you imagined. After a little getting use to and some tender love and care, they could easily become that life long friend you always hoped for.

If adopting isn’t in your near future, you still have a chance to visit one of the many Cat Cafés around the world for a little therapeutic care from a fancy feline. If you’re a frequent traveller or you’re planning an upcoming trip, a few popluar Cat Cafes around the world include; Cafe Chat l’Heureux in Montreal, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, and Cat Cafe Melbourne.

As far as the Untied States goes:
KitTea in San Francisco is set to open in 2014.

Purringtons Cat Louge in Oregan will hopes to be open and running before 2014 comes to an end.

And Little Lions in New York City is expecting to open by the spring of 2015. (if funding goals are met) / Issue 165 - September 2018
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