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Once again a new year is upon us, and the Internet is buzzing with all the fresh and new musical artists poised to take off in 2015. Just like last year, new Internet stars are making big waves over sites such as Not to be left behind, we here at Dish researched our own picks for the year, discovering two things that seem quite certain; first, this would be the year of  the 90's influence on new music, and secondly, our friends across the pond have been busy.

That's right, once again the U.K. is flexing its musical muscles, producing bands such as the pop-grunge (yeah, you read that right) Wolf Alice and the indie-rock Catfish and the Bottlemen, as well as creative dance/electronic sounds like Ryn Weaver, Shura, Shamir and Years & Years. It would seem many of these young artists are pulling inspiration from their childhoods, with mucical styles such as 90's hip hop, R&B, grunge, house and even boy-band vocals are sampled, mixed and experimented with.

Years-yearsYears & Years

This young, London-based trio fuses elements of 90's house and boy-band pop into fun, get-off-your-ass-and-dance rhythms. It's said that friends Mikey Goldsworthy (bass) and Emre Turkmen (synth) were looking to start a group and heard their fellow mate, Olly Alexander, sing in the shower. Apparently, the rest is history.  Their first single “Desire” was released in 2014, putting these fresh-faced lads on the map with the pulsing melody of a house song backing Olly’s smooth, yet powerful, vocals. Go ahead, give it a listen and see if it doesn't get stuck in your head.


Alice WolfWolf Alice

Like Years & Years, Wolf Alice takes a page out of the 90's handbook, reinventing the sounds of yesteryear into their own distinctive style; however, this band picked a completely different page. Their latest effort “Creature Songs” is a peculiar combination of Nirvana-like grunge and indie pop: something similar to the alt rock sounds of Garbage, but with a lyrically positive twist. Sprouting out of North London, Ellie Rowsell, Joel Amey, Joff Oddie and Theo Ellis found online success in 2013, priming them to sign with Dirty Hit Records in 2014, the company that released their single “Moaning Lisa Smile”. This rockin’ piece blasts distorted and psychedelic guitar riffs, mixed with a chorus reminiscent of early Alice in Chains jams. Now that 2015 is here, they have been recognized by MTV and BBC for their eclectic style, and they’re not slowing down anytime soon.




23-year-old British/Russian singer, songwriter and producer Shura is a woman of many talents. Like many others on the list, this mellow, intelligent artist found her own success through the web . With a synth-driven style that includes hints of hip hop, 90's R&B and 80's pop, she cites Madonna and Janet Jackson as early inspiration. Her recent single “Touch” is a hypnotic and smooth jam with the ability to take you to another place. Though the music video is filled with her own friends making out with each other, guys and girls alike, the song seems to express a beautiful, blue vulnerability alongside its sexual nature. Her ethereal voice complements her soft, throw-back R&B melodies, giving “Touch” a hint of nostalgia with a modern twist.



Ryn WeaverRyn Weaver

This charismatic pop singer isn't afraid to show her weird side. With the song “Octahate” blowing up the airwaves last summer, Ryn Weaver seems to be a force of musical nature that's just getting started. Working with all-star talent such as Charli XCX, Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos and producers Cashmere Cat and Benny Blanco, this starlet-to-be has the musical backing to bring her own talents to full potential. Though “Octahate” has given her the most attention recently, she has been making ripples on the Internet for a couple of years. She appeared as Aryn on Cashmere Cat's “With Me” and released a haunting cover of “Peach, Plum, Pear” under the name Fem Fem Fem. This ability to transform herself, and collaborate with a variety of artists and styles, could sky-rocket her to pop diva-hood.


Catfish and the BottlemenCatfish and the Bottlemen

Though most of the artists on this list are heavily inspired by the 90's, Catfish and the Bottlemen have a more 2006-influenced sound. With a garage-rock sound similar to bands like The Hives and The Strokes mixed with the catchy hooks of pop-rock, this Welsh band has been winning over indie crowds and top-40 lovers alike. Members Van McCann (vocals), Johny “Bondy” Bond (guitar), Benji Blakeway (bass) and Bob Hall (drums) were signed to Island Records last year and released the single “Kathleen”, which ranked number one on MTV's  hottest tracks of April. With last year's momentum and time spent touring, these guys are set to make big waves in 2015!



Shamir, I have to admit, is the wild card of the group. This skinny, somewhat androgynous, yet highly-styled and confident dance-pop artist throws out boastful lyrics in an almost apathetic way, like he isn't about to try too hard. His uniqueness comes from his counter-tenor vocal style combined with a hip-hop attitude and funky, disco-influenced dance beats, which could be comparable to a young Michael Jackson or Prince. He offers an odd element with his performance style, but with great production quality and a brightly-colored wardrobe, this young artist is likely to stick out in the upcoming year. Check out his single “On the Regular”

So if you want to get ahead of your friends on what's cool, or just miss the 90's, check out the links plugged into this story!
 / Issue 166 - September 2018
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