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In case you’ve missed all the fuss in the past few years, the fashion industry has suddenly and dramatically taken large and noticeable steps into the future. From the Casio Calculator Watch to Richard Nicoll’s Rechargeable Purse, technology and fashion are merging into one, creating many innovative looks never even imagined just a few years ago, known as “wearable technology.” And as the trend develops, you can be sure you’ll be seeing many visionary ideas coming to life before you even notice it!

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt
Ralph Lauren has designed a shirt that tracks your body’s biometric data in real time and sends it straight to your phone or tablet. It tracks your travel distance, heart and stress rate, and all the calories you’ve burned. This shirt also monitors the intensity of your movements, to help keep you motivated and disciplined during your workouts. The bio-sensing fibers used are woven into a fabric that is designed to pull moisture off of the skin and onto the surface of the fabric. The inclusive material used to create said garment helps to increase blood circulation and muscle recovery. Moisture-wicking fabrics such as these are often used when designing workout clothing to provide comfort when exercising, much like the NuMetrex bra.
NuMetrex & Adidas Innovative Sportswear
NuMetrex & Adidas Innovative Sportswear Adidas has teamed up with NuMetrex to create innovative sportswear, similar to Ralph Lauren’s biometric shirt.  The sports bras, athletic shirts, and racer tanks are created with smart fabric technology that is designed with special sensing fiber electrodes built into the material. Sensors in the garments track your heart rate, calories, and other data to relay to a small transmitter that snaps into the garment. The transmitter then corresponds data from the sensors to compatible devices such as your smartphone, a heart rate monitor sports watch or a cardio machine. With quick drying nylon fabric that fits like a second layer of skin and soft sensors, this seamless apparel provides great comfort and support for every wearer, all while increasing airflow and managing moisture levels.

Designer Ying Gao Gaze-Activated Dresses

Designer Ying Gao Gaze-Activated Dresses
Designer Ying Gao sees the future of fashion in a whole new world. Created as a part of the (No) where (Now) here series, and inspired by Paul Virilio’s essay Esthétique de la disparition (The Aesthetic of Disappearance), these gaze-activated dresses put on a show for its audience. At the glance of a spectator, tiny motors are activated to move parts of the dress in different patterns. With eye-tracking technology and photoluminescent threads that glow in the dark, these incredible, feminine pieces of art are sure to entertain at any time of day or night.

Wearable Solar Jacket

Wearable Solar Dress/Jacket
Pauline Van Dongen teamed up with Christiaan Holland from HAN University of Applied Sciences and Gert Jan Jongerden, a solar energy expert, to create an innovative wearable solar dress and jacket. Panels on the front of the dress, and on the shoulders and waist of the jacket, when exposed can capture solar energy to build up a good charge. If exposed to sunlight for a hour, the users smartphone can gain a charge of up to 50% through a standard plug connected to the solar panels. The panels can also be folded when not being charged by the sun, for an invisible wear.
Montblanc e-Strap
Montblanc e-StrapInstead of recreating its luxury watches into a smart watch akin to Apple, Montblanc has decided to create an e-strap. This strap is made of Nato-style leather with a stainless steel case and an OLED screen that can be attached or detached to the bottom side of the band. Much like the Biometric shirt or the NuMetrex bra, the e-strap can collect physical data and send it to your phone via Bluetooth. Other features include alerting the wearer of notifications from emails, text, calls, social activity, as well as syncing to your phones Find Me app. It also works on your phone if you lose your watch. With a rechargeable battery that last up to five days, the e-strap is compatible with iOS and Android.
Though we’ve all admired the many wild and far-fetched, elaborate and exotic costumes from the many futuristic movies and television shows we’ve admired through the years, the most recent innovative designs such as these don’t seem so far-fetched any more. Both the old and the new, give us an idea of what the future has to hold. Think Tron: Legacy! After all, before you yell “impossible”, we’ll all be sporting similar high-tech LED bodysuits, and so much more! / Issue 167 - September 7055
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