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Sometimes what we need to help solve significant global challenges is a fresh face and the entrepreneurial spirit. Start-ups, young businesses, and entrepreneurial ventures can bring excitement, creativity, and new perspectives to industry, developing new technologies and innovations never seen before. Below are some of these new and still-growing eco-companies, some of which you can expect to hear more from in the coming years.

Reclyced GallonsAk Inovex

Recycling plastic allows us to keep the material around for reuse instead of ending up in a landfill, but unfortunately the process can often require a lot of water. That’s why Ak Inovex, a new company based in Mexico, has developed a new recycling process that can recover 90-percent of almost any kind of plastic without the need for any water at all. Founder Marco Adame even claims the new process reduces processing costs by nearly half, and can even process difficult-to-recycle plastics like Styrofoam. And when you consider that just in the US we generate more than 30 million tons of plastic waste every year, innovative new recycling technologies like this can truly be a game-changer. 


Tennis shoesThe Green Microgym

The Green Microgym is a chain of fitness centers based in the Portland, Oregon area. What makes the Green Microgym so eco-friendly is that their machines not only help people get in shape, but also generate electricity when in use, feeding it right back to the electrical grid! 


Electric Powere garbage truckMotiv Power Systems

Motiv Power Systems is a company based in Foster City, California and their goal is to transform all diesel-run vehicles to electric with their electric Powertrain Control System (ePCS). They have already delivered America’s first electrically-powered garbage truck, as well as the only California certified all-electric school bus. Motiv’s idea is to help transportation fleets lower transportation costs while reducing their carbon footprints.


Recycle BankRecyclebank

They’ve been around for a few years already, but like TerraCycle, Recyclebank has been growing and engaging communities around the country with the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of a start-up. Recyclebank actually rewards people with points for their recycling efforts. You can redeem these points – some of which can be attained simply by reading informational materials on their website – for things like coupons and discounts for retailers, restaurants, magazine subscriptions, and even from local businesses. They have also developed the Recyclebank Green Schools Program, which helps students improve their schools and communities through eco-friendly projects. Students send their ideas to Recyclebank and members help the kids realize their dreams by donating points to the cause of their choice!




ecoATM is a new company that aims to incentivize the recycling of old electronic devices, otherwise known as “e-waste.” Their new development is a machine that resembles an ATM, allowing you to deposit an old electronic device for recycling. The machine will analyze your e-waste and actually pay you for recycling. The waste is either repurposed and sold, or recycled. At the moment, the machine only accepts certain smartphones, tablets, and mp3 players, but we are hoping in the future that they will be able to accommodate any e-waste that a consumer needs to be rid of.


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