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Trendsetters In Weight Management,
Part III: Do you want to "Enter the Zone"?

Enter The Zone

"Enter The Zone" by Barry Sears, Ph.D, with Bill Lawren, describes the mind and body feeling athletes experience when they have almost miraculous physical performances. According to Sears, if we adopt a rigorous program of diet and exercise, we can be in the Zone too.

Dr. Sears basic concept is that carbohydrates stimulates release of insulin that carries the sugar into cells. When too much sugar enters cells it is converted to fat. Too little sugar results in the release of another hormone, glucagon, which then burns fat and muscle for energy. (See section on 'Sugar Busters' in the previous issue of Dish). This causes the person to make ketones, which appear in the urine as waste products. Ketones tend to make a person feel lazy or ill.

Dr. Sears is a champion of eicosanoids, which are in food oils and are precursors of prostaglandins. In 1982, three scientists won the Nobel Prize in medicine for their discovery of body substances called 'prostaglandin'. Prostaglandin was originally found in semen, thus the name. However, they are present in all body cells, and play a key role in energy. They are part of the cell energy cycle. This is because prostaglandins help deposit fat from the above mentioned carbohydrates in our blood vessels.

There are good prostaglandins and bad ones. The good ones fight off some bad actions. We know the story about the bad ones; Stay away from egg yolks, and red meats. Saturated fats are bad, e.g. dairy products. Good prostaglandins come in monounsaturated fatty acids: olives and its oil, natural peanut butter, canola oil, and macadamia nuts.

Basically, Sears gives a strong scientific argument for the food pyramid advocated by national nutrition organizations. The book is not easy reading, and the trip will require discipline, and perhaps coaching too. / Issue 17 - September 2018
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